Aavarna: A Modern Abode in Gujarat Styled with Geometric Shapes, Simplicity and Art

Aavarna: A Modern Abode in Gujarat Styled with Geometric Shapes, Simplicity and Art

Conceived by Mayur Mangukiya and Ankit Sojitra of Studio17, this single-dwelling bungalow in a small town named Shania near Surat is an epitome of modern simplicity. The interiors of the house feature unique geometric shapes and that's the reason the house is named-"Aavrana, Sanskrit denotation of the word "Shapes". The linear-shaped bungalow on a tight narrow plot stands out with its use of raw grey concrete and modern elements. SURFACES REPORTER (SR)  received more information about the project from the architects. Read below to know more:

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We all have learnt about shapes when we were young. All the basic shapes have a starting point and an endpoint, be it a circle, a polygon, or any given shape. Aavarna is a simple longitude rectangle in the narrow plot size of 24’ x 56 in Surat’.


The firm has drawn the modern feel for the house from the raw grey of concrete which has been then pushed in the background when your vision tracks the inclusion of terracotta planter to break the massive visual of concrete. This use of modern elements brings in a wave of positivity. The inclusion of geometric shapes can be seen throughout the interiors of the space.


The plot is an elongated rectangular space that came with its challenges and benefits. According to the plot placement, the sides are considered into having a common wall which restricts us from providing any ventilation or light source from the sides, which results from the front balcony and some interior handles.


The space design was made convenient by segregating the space requirements and planning out accordingly.

Spacious Parking Area in the Ground Floor

The ground floor’s functions were kept minimal as well. This helped a lot a large chunk of the space to create spacious parking.

AavarnaThe remaining space was used to create a comfortable multipurpose room that could host a small crowd for a jolly get-together.

Minimal, Earthy and Clutter-Free Interiors

The space below the staircase was utilised to create some additional storage to ensure a clutter-free space.


The material palette for the house has been kept minimal enriched with earthy tones.

Eye-Catching Staircase

The staircase that led up to the main essence of the house has been designed to give the first impression of the house - Interesting and elegant. AavarnaThe first-floor lodges the living room, kitchen, parent’s bedroom, pooja area, and the utilities.

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pooja room

Beauty in Simplicity

The clients were adamant about keeping things simple. Hence, the firm wanted to keep their simplicity intact and therefore, drew their inspiration from the paintings of S.H. Raza.

AavarnaThe walls of the space have been adorned with art inspired by the famous Bindu by Raza. The shapes from S.H. Raza’s paintings are widespread in some or the other thing all over the house.“ Our Client were keen on keeping things simple. This is what inclined us towards using S. H. Raza's artwork to base our designs on, “ said the Principal Designers Mayur Mangukiya and Ankit Sojitra.

aavarna“We were highly inspired by the famous painting - BINDU by Raza due to its derivation from the Indian concept of “Shunaya”. For us it was something from nothing (a Shunaya)," another exert from the design philosophy of Principal Designers Mayur Mangukiya and Ankit Sojitra.

Subtle Backdrop 

A median-sized drawing room enriches our vision with the subtleness of the space as soon as we enter the house. The entire room has been orchestrated on the subtle background of a rich white coverlet wall.Aavarna The same subtleness has been maintained on the flooring and the carpet used. This backdrop opened the window for using accent colors in the furniture. The abstract form of Bindu, unreservedly adorns the wall of this space.

Double-Height Entrance 

On the other hand of the entrance is the double-height centrally places kitchen and dining area. This space creates the connectivity of the entire house. AavarnaThis space has been given darker tones in its most subtle uniqueness. The entire kitchen has been completed using dark finishes. The use of darker tones has also helped the brass inlaid shapes emerge clearly.

Skylight in the Kitchen

The kitchen space vertically opens directly to the skylight provided.

AavarnaAs We mentioned earlier there was no light source from the sides of the bungalow thus we have a place and design the skylight in a way to get full source of light and let the hot wind out This has been done to ensure proper circulation of air as the kitchen has been placed in the center of the house.

AavarnaAs the skylight has been placed at double floor height, there have been Juliet balconies added to each bedroom that connects to this open to sky space.

Bedrooms in the Second Floor

Landing up on the second floor, we see the entry to the bedrooms on either side. The bedroom that falls along the facade, has been bestowed with the luxury of a deck to enjoy the outside view.Aavarna The room has been designed to create a calming environment that would help with improving the user experience of the space. This subtleness has been used to highlight the furniture in the space. The design inspiration has been infused in this space in the details of the side table and wall decor.

AavarnaThe other bedroom right on the opposite side follows a similar design philosophy of a calm environment. While one room has been bestowed with a deck the other has been bestowed with a serene view. Both these balconies have been given Juliet balconies to connect them with the central space. 

The entire house has been well-knit with a common thread of simplicity and art.

Project Details

Project Name: Aavarna
Design Firm: Studio17
Principal Designer: Mayur Mangukiya and Ankit Sojitra
Project Area: Total built-up Area-4230.750 Sq.Ft. 393.049 sq meter 
Location: Surat, Gujarat, India
Photo Credit: Noaidwin Studio | Nilkanth Bharucha

About the Firm          

Studio17 is a Gujarat-based architecture and interior design firm founded by Mayur Mangukiya and Ankit Sojitra in 2017. The studio is a blend of dedicated talents, creative hunger & special human beings, a multidisciplinary tribe of dreamers driven by our creativity. The Studio was, and ever since they are into the business cultivating spaces. Their smart concepts and rich visuals help them build innovative and impactful space experiences. Their core mission is to reflect the inner values of our clients in a way that not only elevates their living spaces but also establishes an emotional connection with the space.

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