This Sinuous and Dynamic 42 Sqm Bamboo Pavilion in China Turned An Empty Field Into A Public Space | LIN Architecture

This Sinuous and Dynamic 42 Sqm Bamboo Pavilion in China Turned An Empty Field Into A Public Space | LIN Architecture

China-based firm Lin Architecture, led by designer Lifeng LIN, explored different ways to build a sinuous and dynamic bamboo pavilion in the rural area of Shanghai that can stir human emotions and generate unexpected social interactions. Dubbed ‘Bamboo Pavilion’, the structure is located in Shanghai's island district of Chongming, a popular weekend destination among travellers known for its natural and ecological resources. The pavilion is made entirely of bamboo and is assembled on-site. The distinctive shape of the pavilion allows visitors to relax, sit, play, and collaborate with it in a sinuous way by offering multiple explorations. Read More about the project below at SURFACES REPORTER (SR): 

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The project was an experimental initiative that involved students and designers. The prime aim of the project was to encourage joint participation, eco-friendly construction, sustainable operation, and teaching within research.


The project was built on the idea of "how space can activate behaviors and become a social generator?."

Two Key Challenges

During this experiment, Lin found two main challenges of Chongming’s terrain while designing the basic geometry of the bamboo pavilion: the extensive flatness of the ground plane and the absence of enclosed spaces.


So, the project basically barges on these two conditions. As per the studio, “the program is no longer horizontally but vertically organised and the spatial enclosure is highlighted.”


Secondly, the firm incorporated field theory that helps to break the boundaries of vast blanks, encouraging people to interact with visitors or even strangers. The installation allows the people to spend their time relaxing, talking, and meandering around the structure. ”They finally build up a sense of intimacy and connection by traveling from one field to another,” said the architect.

kidsChildren especially love the structure as they can trace their steps, walk up and down its sinuous formations or chase one another through its curving paths.  

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Mock-up Process

The design team shared about the process of construction of the pavilion and its realization: “during the process of more than two weeks, the whole construction combined research and participation. With the help and guidance of the professional workers, students were able to experience the project from the start to its completion. 


During the project, the practice has built bamboo joint study and bamboo structure analysis to know how the bamboo material stick will work and make curved movements.

Illuminated At Night

At night the structure is brightened with lights showcasing softly glowing edges encouraging people to explore it even more.


Lighting in the structure embellishes and strengthens the shape of the design, generating interest for exploration.  

Project Details

Project Name: Bamboo Pavilion
Architecture Firm: Lin Architecture
Location: Shanghai, China
Client: RAC Studio
Design Team: Lifeng Lin (Finn Lam), Jiawei Lyu
Collaborators: Racstudio Team
Photography: Songkai Liu, Jiawei Lyu, lifeng lin (Finn Lam)
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