Wood Floors Vs Hard Flooring Vs Vinyl - Know Where to Use

Wood Floors Vs Hard Flooring Vs Vinyl

Flooring is an essential element when it comes to designing your rooms. You can’t just go ahead with a single flooring material as different rooms have different requirements. It is also why there are multiple flooring materials available in the market. This article details two such materials – hardwood and vinyl. Both are preferred a lot by consumers, but it’s essential to know which rooms are suited for both respectively.


When you are planning to go for a wood flooring in a particular room, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind. The room will be one where a lot of people will be together at one point of time. That means there will be plenty of walking around and therefore need to be resistant to the daily wear and tear. Additionally, people need to feel comfortable while walking around even if they don’t have their flip flops on. The floor shouldn’t be cold which is why most people go for a wood flooring as it keeps the warmth intact. In other words, this has to be your living room.

A second factor that you have to consider while going for wood flooring is that they are very easy to maintain compared to other forms of flooring. Even if you spill food or liquid on the floor, washing them won’t be a herculean task as opposed to doing the same with a carpet floor. Once again, it’s the living room that is best suited for this kind of flooring. You can also go for wood flooring in your bedroom for the same reason. Another reason why wood flooring is best for bedrooms is hygiene. Wood floors don’t harbour fleas or ticks that can pose a threat to your kids who usually play with their toys on the floor. Even if they accidentally spill their food on the floor, you can wipe it up easily.

Finally, living rooms and bedrooms are the best spots for a wood flooring due to their timeless appeal. They never go out of fashion and they come in more than one colour and shade that makes it all the more appealing. Think about how much your guests and relatives are going to talk about it while relaxing in the bedroom or having a cup of tea in the living room. It will also cost you less compared to other kinds of flooring. And most importantly, if the floor does start appearing boring, you have the option to just sand and seal the wood. That would revive it back to its previous state.

Based on the above characteristics of wood flooring, you’re probably wondering, won’t it get boring if every room has a wood flooring? Your concern is reasonable, which is why you always have the option to choose a different kind of flooring. Certain features of vinyl flooringmake it the most appropriate formin some rooms where no other kind of flooring is suitable.

One such space is the kitchen where you must have vinyl flooring. What makes vinyl flooring apt for kitchens? To begin with, they are very durable and do not retain moisture. In other words, if you accidentally drop a glass of water, there won’t be any permanent damage to deal with. Of course, you’ve to wipe it up without wasting much time. In addition to that, it’s more comfortable to stand on them when you have a long session of cooking ahead for the day. This is because of its springy components. Even if you drop your favourite porcelain plate on your vinyl kitchen floor, it is less likely to break. Apart from the above two reasons, you can get the look you prefer with vinyl flooring. They do a good job imitating hardwood as well as other flooring materials and yet cost way lesser than them.

Another spot where vinyl flooring will look great is your bathroom, even though most people go for a tiles or stones. As mentioned previously, vinyl is durable and doesn’t retain moisture which is good for a bathroom. You can go for something called sheet vinyl due to its lack of seams. Vinyl too doesn’t get cold unlike stone or tile. Even though they might look similar, it is more comfortable to walk on vinyl tiles. They are versatile as their traditional counterparts in terms of the design. You can arrange in any pattern you like so you are satisfied with your preferred look.

Finally, if you live in a small apartment, it is better to choose a single flooring as opposed to going for multiple ones. Even though wood flooring has its own pros, you will admit that it might not be the best for your kitchen. Which is why you should opt for a complete vinyl flooring. You can even get the kind of vinyl that will mimic hardwood floors.


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