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Laminates as Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen is that one place in an estate that is highly used every day meaning it requires the most durable sort of flooring material that not only look good but also fulfils the requirements of the owner. Laminate is that flooring material that pleases aesthetically, is durable and versatile as a whole. In this article by Surfaces Reporter(SR), you will know about the pros and cons of laminates as kitchen flooring. So if you are planning to change your kitchen flooring and still confused on why or why not to choose laminate floors, this article is just for you.


AESTHETICALLY PLEASING: Laminate brings a lot with itself. It looks just like natural wood and can be installed in varied colors and finishes depending on your need. It enhances the overall surrounding thus pleases them aesthetically.

CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER FLOORING MATERIAL: Laminate as a flooring material is cheaper in comparison with vinyl, hardwood flooring, marble or any natural stone which makes it a worthy flooring material to be installed.

DURABLE: Laminate floors are highly durable and does not fade with time. All you have to do is clean them to remove any dust from its surface and you are good to go. They can last as long as 10 years if maintained properly.

EASY TO MAINTAIN: To maintain a laminate floor, all you have to do is remove the dust and wipe off any water spills from the surface. The laminate floor withstands any kind of germs or bacteria from its surface.

NON-DEFECTED: Laminate floor are simple slabs which are completely non-defected. All its corners are edgy and it is not even broken during installation since it is an engineered product. Its colors and patterns are consistent throughout unlike any other kind of flooring material.

FIRE, WATER AND ABRASION RESISTANT: Laminate is the kind of material that is highly resistant to fire, water and any kind of scratches or abrasion. All you have to do is make sure to not let water spill sit on laminate floor too long in order to maintain it from getting any patches.


TOUGH TO REFINISH: Laminate floors are tough to refinish after being damaged. You cannot sand or refinish them like hardwood floor. Once damaged or dented, you may have to change the whole flooring or change the single dented or damaged panel, depending on the situation.

NOT ECO FRIENDLY: Since laminate is engineered and made of plastic, it may not be the perfect choice of flooring material for some. They do not degrade easily but can withstand for as long as 20 years if maintained properly.

UNNATURAL APPEARANCE: Laminates are man-made and they lack natural appearance. Hardwood and natural stone are the only kind of surface décor material that brings the natural beauty into any space.

CAN BE DAMAGED BY HIGH MOISTURE WITH TIME: If water spill stays too long over a laminate floor, it will damage the floor completely. The floor may then have patches or can swell from the bottom as well.

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