Thilina Liyanage’s Bamboo Made Alaska Moose Observation Deck Is An Epitome of Biomimicry | Sri Lanka


Colombo-based Architectural visualizer/designer-Thilina Liyanage has visualized a unique Alaska Moose-shaped Observation Deck that offers a unique platform for people to enjoy the surrounding panoramic view safely while sitting on it. This is not the first time when the designer has envisioned something out of the box. Whether we talk about his Bamboo Goldfish Beach Bar or his Lotus-flower-shaped bamboo retreat, he has that uniqueness in his designs that catches anyone's fancy. There is one material that is common in his all visualisations is Bamboo. The designer presents the efficient and innovative use of this material in all his designs. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) has covered Alaska Moose Observation Deck in detail below. Have a look:

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The project is a fine example of a nature-inspired design that takes the shape of Alaska Moose, with the face offering a unique exterior that has a staircase within it, directing to the two lofty decks. Its antlers allow people to enjoy the surrounding nature. 

Biomimetic Patterns 

The architect has nicely incorporated the rules of biomimicry to create the observation deck. He has earlier worked on several architecture projects that are directly or indirectly inspired by nature.  


The fine design showcases the shape of the Alaska Moose with its head forming the observation deck that takes to the two elevated decks atop the moose's horns, allowing people to have a stunning view of the jungle ahead. The unique structure looks like an architectural marvel grabbing the attention of everyone who watches it. 

Wood- Primary Material

Similar to Liyanage’s previous creations, this structure also relies predominantly on timber or wood. The unique organic design of the structure is easy to mold, curve, sand, finish, and fix together to form any curved shape.

Alaska-Moose-Observation-DeckOnce polished, if it is treated well, it gives an amazing natural finish to the final design without needing any coating of paint. 

Ample of Air and Light Inside

Air trespasses the structure as the designer creates it with open spaces in mind, letting air and natural light seep into the interior in the morning. Wooden hooks are adorned by bulb-shaped string lights that light up in the night and illuminate the entire structure.

Alaska-Moose-Observation-DeckIt offers warm light inside and the elevated platform at the entrance of the deck avoids wet socks and shoes in case of a flood comes in. Further, circular skylights on the timber roofs of the deck allow abundant light inside during the day and allow the people to stargaze at the night. 

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Cables Hold The Structure

A single staircase leads the observer to the observation deck that divides in two at the end atop the horns. The entire structure is set in place with the help of cables that are pinned to the ground like a big tent. The entire structure is sturdy enough that it can easily hold 10 people on each side.

Alaska-Moose-Observation-DeckThe tipped wings of the unique structure protect the guests from falling off it. Further, the double enclosures also save anyone who perches on deck and enjoys the stellar, panoramic view. At night, the structure glows due to the lights used in it. It looks like a wonderful art gallery when the sun sets.

Project Details

Visualisation: Alaska Moose-shaped Observation Deck 
Designer: Thilina Liyanage
Location: Sri Lanka

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