Useful Everyday Objects Made From Recycled Plastic Materials | Plastplan

Useful Everyday Objects Made From Recycled Plastic Materials | Plastplan

An Iceland-based design studio- Plastplan- uses recycled plastic materials to craft everyday objects such as a wall shelf, chair, stool, mirror, coffee table, table lamp, and flower vases. Instead of dumping huge amounts of plastic waste into landfills, the firm aims to contribute sustainably by reusing those plastic wastes in creating wonderful objects. In Iceland, recycled plastic has been a problem; that is the reason why numerous companies are seeking ways to turn waste into useful items. This effort will help a bit in reducing excessive use of plastic and thus assist in making a sustainable planet. The studio has developed machines that can be used for recycling. Read in detail below at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

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Product designers Björn Steinar and Brynjólfur of Plastplan worked on a multitude of household goods and furniture items that can be made only from recycled plastic.

Innovative Machines For Recycling and 3D Print

The firm shredded the plastic waste and then transform them into real everyday objects. They employ machines developed by their team for the transformation process. This comprises shredders, injection and extrusion machines, and a sheet press.

Further, the studio also designed its own industrial 3D printer that makes them to print large-scale objects without spending on molds.

Process of Creating Objects

The creative team gathers the plastic trash, recycles them and then turns them into daily required useful products such as pot, chair, stool , vase, lamp, etc.

The last product that they made using recycled plastic is a luggage tag. Though recycling and transforming plastic waste is not an easy process but a tedious one. First of all, they need to sort the plastic into seven categories.

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Surfaces Reporter has covered numerous projects earlier as well that makes the use of recycled plastics to create innovative products such as the 3d printed chair created out of plastic waste in Rotterdam. The project also features the innovative fusion of human inventiveness and robotic technology

Look here at all the Everyday Objects designed by Plastplan:



Wall ShelfWall Shelf


Coffee Table

Flower Pots

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