Rising 15 Meters Above The Ground, Acucena House Is An Architectural Wonder Created By Tetro Arquitetura | Brazil

Tetro Arquitetura | Brazil

Located in the heart of a forest in Brazil, this white-clad house surprises everyone who reaches here. Rising fifteen meters off the ground through the stilts penetrated the earth, the 'Acucena House' envisioned and designed by Tetro Arquitetura looks like a white flower surrounded by nature. While designing this house, the architects Carlos Maia, Débora Mendes, and Igor Macedo not only accepted the steep slope as a challenge to get success but also used it as an advantage to increase the gifts of nature that cover the entire project. No trees are cut and no topography is changed to design the house. Hence, the project depicts an ideal harmony between nature and Art. Read more about the project below in detail at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):


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Perched amidst the lush Atlantic Rainforest nature, the house is designed in a fluid plan that is because of its presence among the trees, and its openings and folds in the slab reach to the treetops, producing the volumetry. The landscape is covered with large leafy trees, shrubs, foliage, flora, and fauna, with a topography of steep slope, which is a common feature of the Nova Lima region in Minas Gerais.

A Sanctuary For Serenity

Blurring the boundaries between outdoors and indoors, the project satiates the thirst of inhabitants for a haven of serenity. At first glance, the house appears to be hidden behind the trees and branches.

The generous windows that cover the entire structure echo the images of nature outside. Though nature harmoniously embraces the structure, its presence can be seen. One can enjoy nature from every corner of this house whether gazing at the swaying trees through the windows or walking over the greenery on the terrace.  

Enjoy The Stunning Views

At first, the architects got confused about how the project could be built with such a steep topography while maintaining the connection with nature.

The idea was to give the homeowners the daily wonderful experience of looking up at the sky through the treetops. As they were looking for the answers, they inclined towards lifting the home fifteen meters above the ground level ‘to induce the act of looking upwards, from the ground and canopy of trees to the sky.’

Modern Amenities Blended With Nature

The house contains an engineering pool that promotes everyone to take a dip and rise above the water to enjoy the beauty of green surroundings.

The project also encompasses a patio that creates charming relaxing spaces and a big space for large gatherings and parties. 

The house showcases the wonderful amalgamation of local materials and greenery.

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Inside the House

Once inside, the soft and soothing interiors allow the dwellers to be in ultimate privacy by using heavy curtains to block the view or one can use soft curtains when needed for a partial view. In the bedroom, the inhabitant can move the windows to remove any hindrance between them and the jungle.

And, in a bathroom, a single bathtub overlooking the greenery through the windows hints at immersing the body in a meditative bath while enjoying the panoramic view.

The wooden floor pays homage to the raw materials of the Earth.Keep reading SURFACES REPORTER for more such articles and stories.

Project Details

Project Name: Casa Açucena
Architecture Firm: Tetro Arquitetura
Location: Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Design Team: Débora Mendes, Carlos Maia, and Igor Macedo
Total Built Area: 500 sqm
Completion Year: 2021
Contributors: Laura Georgia Rodrigues Layoun, Otávio, Daniele Meloni, Déborah Martins
Photo Courtesy: Jomar Bragança

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