Everything, From Walls To Furniture And Menu To Lighting, All Are Washed In Three Complementary Colours In This Bar | Solan| Himachal Pradesh Exubia Studio

Everything, From Walls To Furniture And Menu To Lighting, Are Washed In Three Complementary Colours In This Bar | Solan| Himachal Pradesh Exubia Studio

Bathed in unique three basic colour tones- COSMO “DELI BISTRO BAR in Solan, Himachal Pradesh designed by the creative team of Exubia Studio sets a monochromatic mood. The idea was to design something unique, authentic and atmospheric. Hence, they washed literally anything and everything from walls to furniture and menu to lighting in three Pastel tones of Green, Pink and Blue dedicated to 3 different zones. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) spoke with Imaan Singh Bhullar to gather more details. Have a colourful read:

Concept Note

Talking about the ideation of this unique and intriguing concept, Bhullar shares, "The starting point for the conception was visiting the location of the project, none of the project team members had been to Solan before. We wanted to immerse ourselves in the context of the city, understand what it looks like from the inside and, of course, get to know its inhabitants. We were very inspired by this trip and were imbued with the concept that our client planned to implement. We returned to our studio enthusiastic about making a unique design project, very atmospheric and authentic."

"Conceptually, we decided to wash the walls, floors and everything else in a monochromatic mood, in three basic colour tones - as clean and open as possible, he continues.

Design Process

With a very clear vision of the project, to deliver a space with such clarity of spaces & colour schemes. The challenge was the selection of materials and the development of the lines that governed the spaces. The space was divided into 3 colour zones, each complimenting the other.

"The intent throughout the project was to wash anything and everything in the colour dedicated to the zone. It included everything from the furniture -to the menu to the lighting!" he remarks.

Addition of Flora

The final touch was created by the flora, amplifying the entire theme and not overpowering it. '

Thus the firm achieved its intent to create an authentic atmosphere ‘Ruled by a monochromatic mood’.

Role of lighting : 

Lighting played a major role in the project since each zone had a dedicated colour palette to follow in order to achieve a monochromatic mood. 

Ambient Lighting: To achieve the accurate colour RGB WWH LED strips were used and guided via wireless drivers with in-app access.

General Lighting: The overall lighting was achieved using tiltable cylinder fixtures manufactured by Kriglow. 

Spot Lighting: Track cylinders were very cleverly used to illuminate and highlight the aesthetic of the planters. 

Project Details

Designer: Imaan Singh Bhullar
Firm Name: Exubia Studio
Project Name: Cosmo “Deli Bistro Bar”
Project Location: Solan, Himachal Pradesh
Photo credits: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Products and Materials

A) Vitrified Tiles
      Size:- 4’ x 2’ (Brand: Crayon)
      4” x 4” (Brand : Piccolo)
B) Paint-
     PU Paint (Asian Paints)
C) Fluted Glass

About the Firm

Exubia Studio is a Chandigarh-based firm founded in 2020 dedicated to providing unique experiences and the utmost attention to detail to each one of our projects, delivering our client's exuberance throughout not only via the finished article but the whole process leading to it. The firm is committed to creating an impact on the global landscape via our work which includes architecture, interior design and landscape by creating inspirational designs for the world to enjoy and revel in. 

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