Energy-Efficient Wonders of Special Glass and Fins in Zaha Hadid Architects’ New Art-Deco Inspired Hotel | Macau | China

Energy-Efficient Wonders of Special Glass and Fins in Zaha Hadid Architects’ New Art-Deco Inspired Hotel | Macau | China

The newly opened "W Macau" hotel in Studio City, Macau, created by Zaha Hadid Architects as part of the Studio City Resort, features 557 rooms, dining options, a pool, spa, gym, and a recording studio. The building uses special glass and fins for energy efficiency and combines Art Deco elements with a contemporary style. Explore more about the project on SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

The Studio City Resort started in 2015 and expanded in 2017. They added things like a big indoor water park and meeting spaces. The hotel's design is inspired by old Hollywood style, with fancy details and cool shapes.

Innovative Sustainability Features

The Zaha Hadid Architects' team says that a really important thing about the new W Macau hotel is how it's designed to be good for the environment. They made the outside of the building with special glass and fins that not only look nice but also help keep the building cool and comfortable inside. 

This means it doesn't use as much energy and is better for the planet. Because of these smart design choices, the W Macau hotel got an award in 2021 for being environmentally friendly. They also made sure the building uses energy very efficiently, which means it doesn't need a lot of power, and that's a good thing for the environment too. So, this hotel is a great example of how to build in a way that's kind to the Earth.

A Harmony of Urban Development and Natural Preservation

The people who designed Studio City really cared about nature. They made sure that when they built the second part of Studio City, they didn't harm a big area of protected wetland nearby. This showed that they really wanted to protect the natural environment. They also thought carefully about how to make the buildings comfortable without using too much energy. They designed the buildings in a way that lets fresh air come in naturally, which makes the whole place feel nice. 

To make sure they didn't hurt the local plants, they had a special expert come up with ways to protect the plants that were already there, and they planted new plants that would fit well in Macau's climate. 

Project Details

Project Name: W Macau 
Architecture: Zaha Hadid Architects 
Location: Studio City 
Developer: Melco Resorts & Entertainment
Photography: © Virgile Simon Bertrand 

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