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Plastic Waste gets a Second Life through Furniture and Household Goods | Plastplan

Known for focusing on using recycled materials that are mainly plastic, Plastplan design studio has developed a machine that can be used for recy...

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TOVA Sustainably Unifies Vernacular Earthen Architecture with 3D Printing | IAAC-3dPA

A group of students and researchers from the 3D Printing Architecture (3dPA) postgraduate programme of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of...

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3D Printed Anti-Seismic

3D Printed Anti-Seismic House Built in less than 24 Hours | Sphere | Serendix Partners

Imagine creating a house and living in it within 24 hours. Living in such a house is now possible. Japanese design studio Serendix Partners has c...

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MIT Researchers Develop Lab-Grown Wood to Curb Deforestation

Reports suggest that the world has lost nearly 10 million hectare of forest each year due to deforestation, which is close to the size of Iceland...

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Krill Design

Krill Design Creates World’s First Lamp Made From Orange Peels | Ohmie Lamp

Known for creating products within a 100 per cent circular and sustainable process, Milan-based design studio Krill Design has released its range...

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