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India ranked Second most desirable manufacturing destination by Cushman Wakefield

India Ranks Second Most Desirable Destination for Manufacturing | SR News Update

India officially ranks better than United States (US) to become the second most desirable destination for manufacturing according to the Cushman ...

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3D images created

Fologram Uses Paperbark Tree as an Art Medium and a Building Material | Barkitecture

Now we all know that holograms are 3D images created out of laser lights, which appear to have more depth than images formed from lenses. However...

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One of Chinas tallest structure shook mysteriously leading to evacuation| Shenzhen, China | SR News update

In a shocking incident, one of Chinas tallest skyscrapers, SEG Plaza, started to shake inexplicably leading to the immediate evacuation of the bu...

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Anna Garden by KiKi ARCHi

This Multi-Dimensional Guest House lays in Juxtaposition of Nature and Man | Anna Garden by KiKi ARCHi

Japanese architecture studio KiKi ARCHi completed the renovation project of Anna Garden within 15 months of its given time. Located 30 km to the ...

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Hope Arises for the Morbi Tiles Cluster as Anti-Dumping Duty Gets Eliminated by GCC Countries

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have reportedly withdrawn the anti-dumping duty on ceramic tiles that are exported from India. This ...

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American Hardwood

HempWood: A Sustainable, Versatile Wood Alternative that is Harder than American Hardwood

Fibonacci owner Greg Wilson has developed HempWood, an American-produced wood material made from a fast-growing agricultural product. A premier w...

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CarbiCrete Creates Negative Emission Concrete

CarbiCrete Creates Negative Emission Concrete by Using Steel Slag Instead of Cement

Concrete is one the most abundantly used man-made material on Earth. Nearly 70 per cent of the world’s population resides in buildings made out o...

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Are Glass Bridges Safe? | China’s 100 m High Bridge Collapse | SR News Update

A 100 mt high glass bridge was left shattered when it was hit by a sudden strong weather. The incident put a question mark on the rapidly increas...

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