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Know Your Tiles

Know Your Tiles : Where and How To Use Tiles and Upgrade The Look and Feel of Your Designs

Kitchen is that one area in the home that is a centre for majorly everything; be it cooking, the beauty it brings to the living room, or the aest...

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Baldiwala Edge Induces Flat Colours

Baldiwala Edge Induces Flat Colours, Geometric Shapes and Stylised Graphic Patterns into this 2BHK Space | Quirk Box

When the client’s brief was as simple as to turn his 2BHK space into a home with eclectic aesthetics with corners bursting with colours while max...

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ArcKala Design Studio Connected the Dots to Create This Dreamy Eclectic 2BHK Home in Noida

Ace designers Ar. Anusha Katoch & Ar. Janesh Jain of arcKala design studio used connecting the dots technique to make sure all the elements in th...

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Revamp Your Family Rooms

10 Beautiful Designs To Revamp Your Living Rooms | SURFACES REPORTER Idea Book

The family room is one of the central places of home where you relax with your friends and families or welcome guests. It is a place that personi...

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Roaish Architectur

Minimalism Adorns This Tiny, Modern Apartment in Chennai | Roaish Architecture + Design

The correlation of luxury with size is a thing of the past. These two dynamics of designs that exclusively determine lifestyle with space have un...

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Use Wooden/Glass Shelves

Use Corner Spaces of a Home Following These 15 Steps | SR Idea Book

An estate, big or small, has ample amount of corner space in each room. Sometimes people forget to use these corner space and leave the room empt...

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Indian Design Aesthetics Meet With Moroccan Decor In this Ahmedabad Home by Mistry Architects

Indian Design Aesthetics Meet Moroccan Decor In this Ahmedabad Home by Mistry Architects

To achieve the Moroccan theme, the firm crafted hand-plastered walls, arches, geometric designs, and impressive stone works in the abode, while t...

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Giant Wooden Table and Chairs Add a Whimsical Touch to this Mixed-Used Facility | Sweets Bank

The design of Sweets Bank is intended to evoke curiosity, catch the eye and be highly Instagrammable, thus aiming to enhance the image and reputa...

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