Know Your Tiles : Where and How To Use Tiles and Upgrade The Look and Feel of Your Designs

Know Your Tiles

Kitchen is that one area in the home that is a centre for majorly everything; be it cooking, the beauty it brings to the living room, or the aesthetics its interiors reflect inside a house. Not only one needs to keep this area clean but also make sure that its renovation and up gradation is done with time. If your kitchen has a boring backsplash wall or a floor that dulls the whole space in the home, then this video is for you. Surfaces Reporter will tell you budget friendly ways to upgrade your kitchen with designer tiles that not only make your space look luxurious but also make it look big and bright.

Of course there are two segments in a kitchen, the floor and the backsplash wall. Let’s talk about kitchen flooring first.

For flooring, you can choose

Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles.

If you want a budget friendly renovation in your kitchen then this is th best option that is available for you. Not only porcelain and ceramic tiles are strong but they are also very beautiful and are available in a wide array of colors, textures and patterns and can be custom made as well. These tiles are highly durable, water and stain resistant and they are very easy to maintain. Ceramic tiles crack sometimes unlike porcelain that stands strong for years and are slightly more expensive in comparison with ceramic tiles.

Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles are made of clay and silica where these material blends together in the process of vitrification and form a glass-like substance that brings a non-porous products. These look like natural marble and can be available in different sizes and designs. Vitrified tiles ate highly durable, easy to maintain, stain resistant and have a reflective surface. These are budget friendly as well so you can easily install them whenever you wish to renovate your kitchen.

Terracotta Tiles

If you are looking for a short time renovation solution for your kitchen, then you can choose terracotta tiles. These tiles are porous and absorb a lot of moisture. One must seal these tiles periodically. These can be installed for both indoors and outdoors.

Natural Stone Tiles

Marble or granite is a very expensive option to choose as flooring so instead, you can choose natural stone tile that looks exactly like marble or granite because it is made using substances of the natural stones. These tiles are strong, durable and do not look similar to one another just like any natural stone. These are budget friendly and once installed, they maximize the space of your house, giving it a charm you’d always wish for.

For backsplash

Ceramic or Porcelain tiles

Ceramic or porcelain tiles work for both the backsplash and flooring. They can be made in any size so for your backsplash, you can mix and match them, play with different color tiles, try a mosaic design and even go for a statement backsplash. These tiles will definitely define your style and enhance your interiors like never before.

Glass or Mirror Tiles

If you have a small kitchen with a dull look, you can go with glass or mirror tiles that are slightly inexpensive. These will bring more light into the kitchen, making your space look bright and big. These give more of a contemporary yet modern look to the kitchen and also enhance the value of your interiors.


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