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Wallpaper 101: Mistakes to Avoid on The Path to Wallpaper Perfection

Wallpapers are a very powerful type of surface; they can change the décor of your house and make or break its look. Putting up a wallpaper in you...

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Wurfel Kuche

New Delhi Welcomes Wurfel Kuche’s Second Studio

One of the leading European stylized modular kitchen brands, Wurfel Kuche recently launched another studio in New Delhi. Offering functional cont...

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Qaaleen, The Art of Expression is an aspiration to meet the wants of those who value contemporary art and modern lifestyles. It originates from 6 decades of experience; an experience that has woven together pieces of art conceived by leading designers.

Where every thread tells a story - QAALEEN, Bengaluru

Qaaleen opened its doors to Bangaloreans on 11th March 2017 at Global Living Emporio (GLE), India’s Largest International Décor Mall on Electroni...

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flattering color palettes

Best Colors for Living Rooms

Let us take a look at a set of flattering color palettes, that will suit your mood and liven up your living space.

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Living Room

10 Unique and Easy Design Ideas for Living Rooms

In the golden days, living rooms inside the estates had clear demarcations. There were marked areas for drawing rooms, study rooms, workplaces, a...

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Use Wooden/Glass Shelves

Use Corner Spaces of a Home Following These 15 Steps | SR Idea Book

An estate, big or small, has ample amount of corner space in each room. Sometimes people forget to use these corner space and leave the room empt...

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