Best Colors for Living Rooms

flattering color palettes

Let us take a look at a set of flattering color palettes, that will suit your mood and liven up your living space. 

1)  White and Grey: White and Grey are timeless colors. You can make your living space elegant with a coating of these shades. This year seems to be all about serenity and calmness which makes neutral shades a great choice. Choose a minimalist approach for painting your living room's walls, and go for Grey and White. Your room will have an aesthetic and modern style with this combo. The best part is, you can pair white with any other color. 

2)  Peach: A color as soft as peach radiates warmth. A combination of peach and white walls or peach and pink will do the utmost justice to your living space. Blush tones are making a comeback this year. The airy peachy walls will liven up every corner of the room. It is a fresh alternative to classic white and works well with other colors. Go for peachy colors if you're looking for a boho-style or modern glam style living room. 

3) Yellow: A tint of yellow brightens up any room in the house. You can make your living space radiate joy with a touch of lemon yellow. It instantly uplifts the mood and will definitely be eye-catching. Yellow also has a reputation for uplifting the mood and giving out an inviting feel. The contemporary shade of yellow is blue, so the combination of these two colors will give a stunning look to the walls. 

4) Navy Blue: Any shade of blue reeks of royalty, and navy blue does just that in the right way. A combination of navy blue and white is timeless, another idea can be to color contrast your walls with light blue and navy-blue color. This versatile color is perfect for a small living room. Blue is one of the adaptable color options. From soft blue to daring blue ones, you can create a statement look for your living room. Blue goes well with beige and cream. This is also great for rooms with hardwood floors. 

5) Sea Green: Green is the color that signifies harmony and growth. Go coastal, with a beautiful sea green color for your walls. Go for the beachy vibes, or subtly appreciate nature with this hue in your room. Liven your space with a combination of sea green and brown accents. These colors are ideal for a mid-century style living room. Green is perfect for anyone who is ready to embrace new changes. If you do not have enough space for some house plants, green will act like a splash of nature. 

6) Lilac and Purple: If Pinterest aesthetics is your thing, paint your wall with lilac. It is subtle, and soothing, which is perfect for an aesthetic backdrop in your room. Lilac maintains neutrality and the room does not feel too stuffy. Berry shades like purple invoke a sense of passion and luxury. It is a versatile color that is associated with individualism and creativity. If you plan to go for purple, choose a shade lighter since it looks strong when applied. You can also create some interesting corners around the room with purple accents. 

These colors will set the mood of your living room. You will look forward to spending more quality time and enjoying the beauty of the room. 


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