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Use Wooden/Glass Shelves

An estate, big or small, has ample amount of corner space in each room. Sometimes people forget to use these corner space and leave the room empty, looking cluttered. Do you know that these empty corner spaces in any room can add a lot of panache to the estate while also increase the value of it? Well, if no, this article is just for you. Surfaces Reporter(SR) has these 15 quirky ideas, following which you can simply add your own style to your room and utilize all the space you have without any clutter.  

Use Wooden/Glass Shelves 

Be it a bedroom or a living room, corner walls are usually left untouched. To add value to the room, you can add wooden shelved or glass shelves to it and use it to keep accessories that match the vibe of your interior.  

Make Space for Mirror 

You can use the corner space of your room as a dressing area by adding a floor to wall mirror. It will also help in bringing more natural light into the room while make the room look bigger. Adding a mirror into any space is more like “One Mirror, Multiple Solutions”.  

Add Planters 

Plants sure add a lot of natural vibe to the room. They keep the room fresh and mood peaceful. Try adding natural plants in the corner space of your room. Not only in bedroom but also in living room, they work really well and maintain a more sophisticated and natural vibe in the room.  

Add Sculptures 

You can add pieces of sculptures into the corners of your room. These are highly recommended for living rooms. Sculptures made of marble or stone can add panache into the room.  

Make a Bookshelf 

Corners in a room can be used as an area for books. You can add layers or designer book shelves into this area. You can also try unique designs of bookshelves available in the market these days.  

Set Up a Mini Bar 

A mini bar especially works the best in a living room. For luxurious rooms, it is of much worth. One can simply make a small bar stuck to the wall or a moving bar on a trolley bar that can be used and kept in the corner.  

Add a Table and Chair 

Working from home and need a corner to use laptop? Worry not. Try using your normal coffee table as a desktop table or a wall mounted flip table in the corner of your room. Add a foldable chair with it to utilize this space to its capacity and your problem is sorted.  

Add Wall Hangings 

You can try adding multiple art pieces on the wall or custom made arts as well. For a traditional look, you can try art pieces made of rugs. This will add a theme to your room as well. 

Hang Guitar or Chair 

If you know how to play guitar and you own one, you can simply use this corner space as an area to hang your guitar and decorate the back wall with music related prints or wallpaper. If not, you can also hang a chair to the ceiling to use this space as a seating area.  

Use the Wall as Gallery 

Need space to add family pictures or pictures from your travel? You got this. You can use a corner space to add multiple pictures or Polaroid pictures of your family or travel. In addition, you can decorate this area using lighting around the pictures. This idea will give a unique DIY look to the whole surroundings.  

Add an Open Cloth Storing Area 

For small bedrooms with corner spaces, this area can be used to hang clean clothes. One just has to install an open clothes rack with dual rods, depending on their need.  

Keep Bucket for Laundry 

People who live alone can use a small corner area to keep their laundry. They just need to add a laundry bucket to this area and they are good to go. To make this area look more than just laundry side, they can also attach wall stickers or quotes on the wall. 

Make Playroom for Kids 

Homes with kids can utilize this area and make a playroom out of it. They can add toys or make a small room where kids can play, draw or learn. 

Add an L Shape Sofa 

For a living room space, a corner area can be used by adding an L shape sofa set. Not only will this utilize the space but also make the room look bigger and remove any kind of clutter from the centre. It also makes space for a person to walk in the rest of the room. 

A Corner for Coffee 

If you are a caffeine addict, this idea is for you. You can add a coffee machine with multiple coffee cups hanging on the wall. This way, you can entertain guests within the living room without having to use the kitchen to make coffee.  

Try these tricks and use the corner space of your house to the fullest. Visit or reach out to us on Surfaces Reporter Magazine on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. To know more about interior spaces, décor, space management in small or big homes, visit Surfaces Reporter Magazine on Youtube. 


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