10 Unique and Easy Design Ideas for Living Rooms

Living Room

In the golden days, living rooms inside the estates had clear demarcations. There were marked areas for drawing rooms, study rooms, workplaces, and even sitting rooms. However, in the modern-day estate, a living room that serves different purposes has become the norm. It functions as an area for entertaining your guests, sitting and spending time with your family, and an area for you to lounge on a lazy Sunday.

For all these purposes, the living rooms need to be designed accordingly. In fact, the purpose and functionality need to be in tandem. Once this balance is achieved, you can also add little trinkets and ideas of your own, to the living room space. This will help you personalize it and give the space a bit of character. 

In 2021, a few living room design ideas are easy to execute, are trending, and will add some flavour to your personalized space. Are you ready for the golden change?

Open Plan Kitchen

Most living rooms today are well connected with the kitchen. This adds a certain elegant and modern vibe to the living room space and blurs the line between uncomfortable privacy and casual comfort. If you do go through with this idea, make sure to include lounge decor into your ideas for the open kitchen as well. If you don't harmonize both sides of this idea, then there are chances that space may create a mismatch despite the lack of a demarcating wall.Credits: https://images.homify.com/

Whitewall Simplicity:

Monotone elegance and simplicity always work well, especially if you can pair it with different shades of the base we recommend going for a complete white tone for the most elegance and radiance in your living tone. This tone must be kept in line with your lounge decor, as well as your kitchen (if it conforms to an open-plan kitchen). The furnishings need to supplement the entire tone of calmness that you are creating with the theme.Beautiful Living Rooms Designs Ideas

Playing with Contrasts:

When you are playing with contrasts, you need to be extra careful. What might seem like a good idea can easily pan out to be a bad one if you are not careful with the shades of decor and the textures of the wall! For example, a brick textured wall can work well with both old and contemporary styled homes. However, you need to use the correct shades and lounge furniture to bring the most out of these contrasts. For example, off-white floors often pair well with burgundy sofa sets.Credits: http://cdn.home-designing.com/

Neutral Contemporary:

Contemporary, minimalist designs are flooding the market in today's age. A neutral tone for the decor and furniture is best suited to such minimalism. It keeps the designs grounded at a superficial level. However, if given a closer look, the unusual designs of the decor can showcase the order in the chaos.Beautiful Living Rooms Designs Ideas

Experimenting with Colours:

If you want to impose a different and vivid image onto your guests, then the best way to do it would be to dazzle them with the play of colours. Vivid textures and colours for your sofa set, coffee table, and carpet are a must. After this, you can build your living space around this central set. Play with complementary colours and textures to create a smooth yet vivid effect.Credits: https://www.onekingslane.com/

The Sleekness of Dark Tones:

There is no tone in living rooms’ decor and design ideas that is chicer and sleeker than black. Black is a colour that goes well with almost anything, especially if you can pair it well with supplementary and complementary colours. It adds a certain amount of charisma and character to the living room setting and is perfect for warm winter evenings with your friends.Credits: http://coffeeandsidetables.com/

The Magic of Television Units:

Some people like to centre their living room situation around a television unit. If done well, you can pull off a very chic living room design. It increases the dynamism of the room and can provide a central foundation to the furniture space as well.Credits: https://cdn.decoist.com/

Wooden Finishing:

Although wood is something that is not used much in a modern setting, you can use it to combine a classical idea with a contemporary execution. Wooden furnishing, textures, and decor ideas can often set you back a bit more, on the financial front. However, they tend to last quite long and always look elegant, as well as classy.Credits: https://i.pinimg.com/

Natural Colours:

If you can use colours well, you can add a lot of depth and the illusion of space to your living room. Natural colours often work best in these situations. If you want to personalize the living room with a laid-back, casual atmosphere, we suggest that you go for natural colours which also have neutral tones.Credits: https://homedesignlover.com/

Traditional Works:

We all know that a traditional style is timeless. Irrespective of the setting or the context, traditional styles seem to fit in quite well. You can play with a myriad of styles, textures, colours, and fabrics. However, more often than not, they will seem to gel well together. Subtle, nuanced changes to the traditional styles allow them to fit into contemporary contexts as well, without ruining the original grandeur. Credits: https://www.thespruce.com/Living rooms are a very essential part of our houses. they serve various purposes and are often the parts that are mostly on display when guests come. This is why maximum work and efforts need to be put into making them perfect. Did our ideas light a creative fire in your minds? it's time to change the room that matters the most, for the best! Get. Set. Go!  

image Courtesy: Pinterest, Houzz, The Royal Interiors, CDC.

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