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HIMACS Solid Surface Dominates

HIMACS Solid Surface Dominates the Nook House’s Bright Kitchen-Diner | Studio 163

Although the job of transforming a small, dark kitchen into a large, naturally-lit space with a dining area, opening up into the house’s garden s...

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False Banana Pavilion

False Banana Pavilion is an Artistic Blend of Ethiopian design and English Materials | Flea Folly Architects

A spectacle hybrid of Ethiopian and English materials and form, the False Banana Pavilion offers a surreal moment to its spectators at Kew Wakehu...

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Shell Waste

Shell Waste is Used to Create an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Concrete | Sea Stone by Studio newtab-22

Composed of discarded seashell powder and natural, non-toxic ingredients such as sand, mineral soil and so on, Sea Stone is a sustainable materia...

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IKEA’s Research Lab Space10 Closes after Successful Decade of Design Evolution

Space10’s 23-member team will reportedly conclude their work after September 1, marking the end of an era for this innovative design lab.

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Fish Scales Repurposed into Stone-like Tiles | Scalite

Made entirely from fish scales, Scalite is a renewable byproduct of the fishing and aquaculture industries.

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Stufish Creates the World’s Largest Stadium

Stufish Creates the World’s Largest Stadium that can be Dismantled, Transported and Reused | ABBA Arena

British architecture studio Stufish has created the world’s largest demountable venue for Swedish pop group ABBA’s virtual reunion tour. Located ...

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Yair Neuman Highlights Eyewear Industry Waste by Transforming Lens Waste into Lamps | Lens Light

London-based designer Yair Neuman has explored ways to minimize the environmental impact of things around us. Exploring sustainable design practi...

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Ikum: Drying Temple

Artist Duo Creates a Chapel-Like Installation by Weaving Drying Herbs, Flowers | Ikum: Drying Temple

Known for its pioneering exhibitions with renowned artists in contemporary art, the Serpentine Gallery this year is focusing on the climate crisi...

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