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Edge Banding

25 Years of Rehau in India -Surfaces Reporter | Frontrunne

REHAU is a German based brand, started in India in 1997. The company had set-up its first manufacturing facility in Pune, Maharashtra. REHAU Indi...

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Mitsubishi Jisho Design Crafts Teahouse Pavilion using Food-Waste-Based Materials | Veneti-An

Constructed from a variety of food waste materials, including coffee grounds and pasta, commonly found in Venice, the Veneti-An teahouse boasts 7...

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Studio Transforms Beer Byproducts into Swirling Panels for a Brewery Restaurant

Under the guidance of designer Bonnie Hvillum, the studio transformed surplus beer from ABEN brewery into thick, semi-translucent, and semi-rigid...

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A Captivating Mirror and Glass Canopy that Redefines Museum Space| Common Sky

This installation forms a massive glass and mirror canopy, consisting of overlapping mirror and glass panels, to enclose an open-air courtyard at...

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Renovate Your House Exteriors

Best Tips to Renovate Your House Exteriors

The exteriors of the house showcase the whole theme and look of what really the estate wants to speak about. It shows the nature and theme of wha...

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This Wood and Motar Art Installation Redefines Colour and Design | Black – Still

The black-painted lath panels, numbering around 2,000, are seemingly penetrated by the oozing mortar—a nod to hidden, powerful forces shaping the...

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This Pavilion Pioneers Sustainable Mycelium Alternative to Polystyrene Foam | Hayes Pavilion

Designed as a gathering space and a conversation starter, the pavilion explores the potential of mycelium as a sustainable alternative material f...

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Grimshaw and UEL Develop Biomaterial Construction Block Made from Bagasse | Sugarcrete

Grimshaw, an architecture studio, partnered with the University of East London to create Sugarcrete, a biomaterial construction block made from b...

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