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Harvests Solar Energy and Offers Shade

A Solar Canopy that Harvests Solar Energy and Offers Shade | Nature

Designer Samuel Wilkinson has designed a solar shelter on a minimal ground level that can collect large amounts of solar energy as well as provid...

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Studio Gang and SCAPE Revitalise a Remarkable Urban Community Design | Day One Tom Lee Park

The resurrection of Tom Lee Park, now known as Day One, represents a remarkable achievement in urban design and community revitalization, forging...

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Discarded Delivery Boxes, Paper Bags Combat Waste with Artistic Installation | Pulp Fractions

Utilizing mainly discarded delivery boxes and paper bags, the studio processed these materials through pressing and drying, transforming them int...

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Bureau Bas Smets

Notre-Dame’s Abandoned Underground Car Park to be Altered into a Visitor Centre | Bureau Bas Smets

Landscape architecture studio Bureau Bas Smets will be transforming an abandoned underground car park beneath the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris i...

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