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Researchers Develop Biodegradable Sawdust Formwork to Combat Wood Waste

Under the leadership of DART director Mania Aghaei Meibodi, along with researchers Muhammad Dayyem Khan, Tharanesh Varadharajan and Zachary Kelle...

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This Soft, Leather-like Lampshade is 100% Sustainable | B Wise

B Wise is a series of raggedy-looking lampshades that are made from mycelium.

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Student Creates Generative Furniture

Student Creates Generative Furniture from Wooden Leftovers | regrowth

A unique exploration connecting computational design and the use of leftover materials within the forestry industry led to the birth of regrowth....

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BIG Designs the World’s Most Environmentally-Friendly Factory in a Forest for Vestre | The Plus

In conjunction with outdoor furniture maker Vestre, architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has unveiled the world’s most environmentally-fri...

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