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American Hardwood

HempWood: A Sustainable, Versatile Wood Alternative that is Harder than American Hardwood

Fibonacci owner Greg Wilson has developed HempWood, an American-produced wood material made from a fast-growing agricultural product. A premier w...

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This 10-Storey Mass-Timber Building Passes Groundbreaking Earthquake-Resistance Test | Tall Wood Project

Standing at an impressive height of 112ft (34m), Tall Wood Project skyscraper is reportedly the tallest structure ever tested on a shake table.

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USA to Welcome its First 3D-Printed Multi-Storey Building | House of Cores

New York-based design studio Hannah has commenced the construction of the first 3D-printed multi-storey structure in Houston, Texas. In collabora...

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This Installation Celebrates Beauty and Importance of the UAE’s Mangrove Forests | Once Upon a Forest

The installation complements the contemporary design event through its fluidity in close association with the diverse landscape of the UAE.

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Manhattan Building’s Facade

Bricks Made of 577,367 Pounds of Recycled Waste adorn this Manhattan Building’s Facade | The West

In the neighbourhood that resonates with the industrial character of rich and colourful history, New York’s Hell Kitchen recently welcomed The We...

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