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Tubular Pipe Sections

In the tranquil and hypnotic location of Dehradun on the Himalayas' foothills sits a facility for assisted living designed by Noida-based architecture studio- Myspace Architects.  Appropriately titled as 'Nest Inn', the building features intermittent facade openings, enclosing a circular courtyard of 40 meters. The perforated clay-tile screens and V-shaped tubular pipe sections form the facade of the structure. Spanning across 4 acres, it is surrounded by dense Mango & Litchi orchards and a British Bungalow, dating back to the Colonial Period. Read more about the striking project at SURFACES REPORTER (SR)'s post below:


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Distinctive Building Facade Texture

The firm's approach was to capitulate to a design solution that would respect the site's heritage and natural environment.

Distinctive Building Facade Texture

Although the plot was in the middle of an urban landscape, it still had its independent eco-system with orchards. This instilled a sense of safety due to the site's proximity to city facilities yet enjoying the calming shade of green foliage.

Distinctive Building Facade Texture

There were two necessary aspects of the site that had to be taken into consideration before starting the design. First, the old British Bungalow had to be celebrated instead of merely standing indifferently with the upcoming construction. Second, to obtain clear space for the new structure by cutting trees to an absolute minimum.

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Majestic Bungalow- The Focal Point

Towards the other end of the central axis stands the majestic bungalow as reminiscent of past glory, with its gabled roof forming a focal element of the entire campus. 

Distinctive Building Facade Texture

Favourably, a relatively empty patch of land was located right opposite to the bungalow. This enabled the new structure to face the bungalow and share the same line of symmetry. 

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Distinctive Building Facade Texture

Trees in Triangle Form

In the open space, there were still three trees standing in its middle. On deeper look, they appeared to form a triangle. Hence, they were taken as extent points and a circular spine was envisioned having terminal ends at the two laterally standing trees. Thus, the site's flora was entirely retained. 

Distinctive Building Facade Texture

The contrast of white with an earthy tone bolsters the harmony of the Nest Inn-setting with nature, where the user can sit and tell tales of their youth and vigor, achieving solace in this communion of architecture and repose. 

Distinctive Building Facade Texture

Distinctive Facade

The building façade has perforated clay-tile screens and V-shaped tubular pipe sections, which provide a dramatic shadow effect in the circular corridor behind, naming this entire setup as 'the walk of introspection'.

Distinctive Building Facade Texture

The curved corridor with its intermittent façade openings encloses a central circular courtyard of 40 m diameter. The central landscape forms a plaza, an open-air theatre, and a stage area, all overlooking the entire space.

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Distinctive Building Facade Texture

Multipurpose Facilities

The whole complex's circular layout is intended to resonate with the long existent concept of "Circle of Life". 

Distinctive Building Facade Texture

It consists of bedrooms, a meditation hall, a dining-kitchen block, and a multipurpose hall. All the spaces are seamlessly merged inside-out through the singly loaded curved corridor that links them all. 

Distinctive Building Facade Texture

All the private areas are zoned towards the back of the building, opening out into the thick green orchards.

Distinctive Building Facade TextureAt the mid-point of the arc lies a skewed meditation hall placed inside the serenity of the green orchard and aims to help its users revitalize their body and soul by connecting with nature. 

Project Details

Project Name: Nest Inn - A Communion of Architecture & Repose
Office Name: Myspace Architects
Firm Location: Noida, Delhi NCR, India
Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 16,000 sqft
Project location: Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Program: Assisted living for the elderly
Lead Architects: Ar.Alex Joseph, Ar.Dona Kurian, Ar.Yogesh Kumar, Ar. Rijul Nayal, Danny Chacko Mathew
Photo Credits: Ar. Prasanth Mohan/ Running Studios        
Text and Image Courtesy: Myspace Architects

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Distinctive Building Facade TextureDistinctive Building Facade TextureDistinctive Building Facade TextureDistinctive Building Facade TextureDistinctive Building Facade TextureDistinctive Building Facade TextureDistinctive Building Facade TextureDistinctive Building Facade TextureDistinctive Building Facade TextureDistinctive Building Facade Texture

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