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Parametric architecture refers to a format of design which includes the application of equipment with parameter inputs which act as restrictions for the eventual structures. A terms coined by famous architect and partner of Zaha Hadid, Patrik Schumacher, here the designs are usually based on the integration of complexity and variety, in an effort to discard homogenous utilitarianism.

While much popular in west, this format of architecture currently gain momentum in India and can be spotted in the works of multiple young  design firms across the country who dare to go above and beyond the set realms of architecture and design.  Some of them are also very heavily awarded and provided services outside of the country as well. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) presents to you a list of the 10 most famous Indian companies who specialise in parametric designs.

Andblack Studio

Based in Ahmedabad, this design studio is owned by Kanika and Jwalant Mahadevwala. Their work is driven by the philosophy of “designing the process that leads to a solution”. They mostly employ natural materials for their design which makes them energy efficient as well as smart. This can be observed in one of their most famous projects called Toddler’s Den in Ahmedabad, which is workshop space for toddlers. The structure is made of metal and the complex design reflects the parametric modelling. Other famous projects by the studio includes the Parikh Associates Office, Ahmedabad and the Paper Tube Pavilion, New Delhi.

Top Indian Parametric Design Firms
Toddler's Den

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ANT Studio

This design studio was founded by Monish Siripurapu in 2010 and it bases its designs on the intersections of art and architecture. Their philosophy is to create a blending of nature in association with technology and materiality. Their work is very research-oriented that focus on the use of top-notch materials and advanced tools to combine labour intensive work with technology. The designs usually do not limit themselves to the intersection of nature and culture. Some of their most famous projects include “In The Mountains” a residential area in Nainital and the Kishan Garh Farm House in New Delhi.

Top Indian Parametric Design Firms
In the Mountains

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Firki Studio

Based in Noida, this is an award-winning design studio who are known to push the envelope when it comes to architecture, furniture, graphics, interior decoration, and landscape design. Their designs are mostly rooted in culture, in tune with nature and most importantly very viable economically. Their USP is to customise spaces that the user can identify with. Even their workspace is very congenial given their design-centric work culture. One of their most famous projects is also based in Noida known as the K73 Apartment that is based on the theme ‘Modern Indian Aesthetic’.

Top Indian Parametric Design Firms
Brick Curtain Office 

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This studio was founded in 2005 by designer Abhinav Goyal and its work is mostly associated with custom design and digital fabrication. The kind of projects that this studio engages in are very complex and technically challenging and revolve around art, construction, and engineering. The designs and their installation are possible due to computation and digital optimisation. Their philosophy is to celebrate and embrace the real-world complexities. One of its most famous and award-winning creation is the Wall Installation which is “Parachair” that reflects adaptation, continuity and rhythm. It also displays the innumerable possibilities in the realm of parametric design.

Top Indian Parametric Design Firms

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MakeSpace Architects

 Based in Indore, this design firm was established by Naina Reddy and Rajat Sanghvi in 2019. Their designs are mostly focussed the changes taking place in the world of architecture in relation to the incorporation of creativity and technology. The designs of this firm too are based on research and an end-to-end solution. Their philosophy is ‘Minimalism’ which they incorporate in their defining projects. As a relatively new company, their most recent and famous project is their own office studio that incorporates both parametric design and contemporary architecture. It showcases how the conventional architecture meets the parametric future.

Top Indian Parametric Design Firms
Wall installation at Office 


Based in Mumbai, this design studio was established by Ar Nuru Karim and its work is based on the cross-disciplinary aspect of architecture, art, and computational design. Through its designs, the studio tries to address cultural, environmental, and social networks. In order to achieve this, it uses digital “making” tools. Their philosophy is to ask the appropriate questions but to find a lot more than just answers and solutions. One of their most talked about projects is the Forest School in Pune which is covered by plants and also has cycling track on top in the shape of an infinity symbol.

Top Indian Parametric Design FirmsFacade by NUDES

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Based in New Delhi, this design firm was established by Ar Pradeep Devadass and Sushant Verma. It is an independent research organisation consisting of designers and researchers from UK, USA, and other European and Asian countries. This firm too specialises in computational design. It usually collaborates with other architecture and design firms in order to provide its services based on sustainable and models of advanced computation. One of their most famous projects is the Cellular Morphology Façade, in New Delhi that optimises any kind of climate situation by regulating the heat and light.

Top Indian Parametric Design Firms
Cellular Morphology Facade

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Sanjay Puri Architects

One of the oldest architecture firms, Sanjay Puri Architects was established in 1992 and is the most widely known firm in the business. Its philosophy has always been innovation that is contextual, sustainable, and revolutionary. The firm is one of the heavily awarded ones with a total of 140 awards to its credit. Its design ranges from hospitality and residential to retail and entertainment. Some of its most famous projects include the Aria Hotel in Nashik, the 18 Screens House in Lucknow, and the Crescent in Surat.

Top Indian Parametric Design Firms
Aria Hotel

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Sameep Padora & Associates (sP+a)

 Another firm based in Mumbai; this design studio was established by Ar Sameep Padora. Its philosophy is that the enormous social and cultural environments can only engage with varying contexts if it has access to diverse means. The work of the studio is centred on collaborations, collective models, and research and not isolated projects. Some of their most renowned works include the Choksi House in Pawna, the EAU BAR in Mumbai, Indigo Deli in Lower Parel, and The House of Multiple Courts in Goa.

Top Indian Parametric Design Firms
Lattice House

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Studio Symbiosis

 This is another renowned design firm in India that was established by architect partners Britta Knobel Gupta and Amit Gupta in 2010. The firm took the design industry by storm in a very short time by picking multiple awards for its creations. Its philosophy is to combine the principle of inclusion in their complicated designs. The result is a design that is highly sophisticated. The most famous project of this firm is the Perfume Park and Museum in Kannauj and the Floating Terraces in Hyderabad.

Top Indian Parametric Design Firms
Perfume Park\

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