The Rajput Kitchen: A Rajasthani Contemporary Cloud Kitchen Designed by Studio A-ware | Bandra | Mumbai

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Mumbai-based Studio A-ware led by Khyati Dubal, Nimisha Maniar & Reiyah Shetty fashioned a compact cloud kitchen serving authentic Rajput cuisine in the heart of Bandra. The brief from the client, a young home chef, was to design the POS counter, main kitchen area & staff toilet in a compact 250 sq. ft. space. Despite budget and space constraints, the team has done a marvelous job in creating an impactful space by giving a contemporary twist to the traditional Rajasthani design elements. Khyati Dubal, one of the co-founders and principal designers of Studio a-ware, shared with SURFACES REPORTER (SR) more details about the project. Scroll Down to read:

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Located at a junction in the bustling Pali market, this compact cloud kitchen serves authentic Rajput cuisine. 

A Blend of Rajasthani and Contemporary Elements

The design for this kitchen was the firm’s take on a fusion of Rajasthani and Contemporary; borrowing certain elements & colours from the state’s rich heritage while maintaining the functionality of the space. A terracotta tiled facade, brown stucco wall paint and traditional Rajasthani line drawings adorned on the walls around the POS counter.

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Owing to the limited space, the team opted for a design that had visual associations to Rajasthani design elements while maintaining clean, straight lines for optimal circulation. The firm used matte green Kota stone, native to Rajasthan, for Flooring. The material is known for its strength, durability and non-porous nature.

Colour Palette Inspired by Sand Dunes of Rajasthan 

Although Rajasthan is a land of vibrant colours, the design team decided to stick to an earthy colour palette inspired by the sand dunes of Rajasthan. They coated the walls with a warm brown sandstone colour which appears like terracotta. Choosing a monochromatic colour scheme was a unanimous decision of the team to make the POS counter space look larger. 

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Divider Double Up As A Service Counter 

The firm also crafted a light partition that would double up as a service counter. The POS counter facade is covered with brown coloured tiles that give warmth to the area while the white-hued grout highlights the area. They also designed an entrance door, window and partitions for better visibility. The surrounding colour scheme harmonises well with the warm brown tiles. 

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Tile & Grout Designed Counter

Though the team employed a traditional Rajasthani colour palette, they gave it a contemporary twist by introducing the tile & grout-designed counter. They used partly tiled walls with a glass and aluminium partition inside the POS counter area to divide it from the kitchen space.

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“Brown stucco walls adorned with simple line drawings in white envelop the counter. Patterns occupy a central role in Rajasthani design and we chose to represent that through traditional Rajasthani line drawings that also have a contemporary, minimal flair. Chhatris (gazebos) and jharokhas (traditional viewing balconies) are synonymous with Rajasthani architecture and hence were integrated into the wall murals, represented through their silhouettes.,” said Khyati.

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An artist was brought on board to hand paint the jharokhas, two of which were filled in with chalk paint to be used as the menu display for their daily specials.

rajput-kitchen-studio-a-ware-surfaces-reporter (1)Low Maintenance Kitchen

The kitchen area has been designed in a way that requires less maintenance. The walls are covered with tiles up to 7 feet. The central aisle contains a drain that was placed in its center aisle and the floors were sloped towards it to enable an easier cleaning process.

About the Firm

Studio A-ware founded by Khyati Dubal, Nimisha Maniar & Reiyah Shetty in 2020 is based out of Mumbai. It is an all-women-led multi-disciplinary design studio catering to various dimensions of design.

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