World’s First Net-Zero City with its Own Circular Green Economy to Come in Egypt | Nexgen

leading developers of sustainable cities

One of the leading developers of sustainable cities, URB recently announced its plan to set up the world’s first net-zero city in Egypt’s Cairo. Nexgen will, thereby, be the first climate-positive city that would produce more energy than it would consume. Read the detailed report by SURFACES REPORTER (SR).

The master plan

Spread over 580 hectare in the eastern district of Cairo, the city is expected to provide nearly 9,000 housing units for 35,000 people of various backgrounds. The project will also create 10,000 jobs in food technology, clean energy, water treatment and waste management sectors. These newly generated jobs would also be linked to tourism and well-being.

Energy paradise

Reportedly, a five-star eco-resort, glamping facilities, a visitor centre for ecotourism, a nature reserve for land conservation and biodiversity and special generators for producing drinking water from the air are expected to be a part of the sustainable city. Furthermore, the city will be planned keeping in mind the need for clinics, rehabilitation centres and a village dedicated to autistic people.

Nexgen will be built considering crucial issues beginning with food insecurity, which affects a quarter of human beings. It will host zero-kilometer food production chains. The city will include multiple systems for producing food locally and sustainably for residents. The city will also be a 100 per cent walkable city with 11.5 km of dedicated running, cycling and equestrian tracks. “The creation of the next generation net-zero cities that provide food, energy and water as security is no longer a choice… it has become a necessity. Nexgen is the next evolution in sustainable cities that provide innovative multi-functional solutions for social, economic and environmental challenges whilst setting the highest sustainability standards for building resilient and liveable cities,” cites Baharash Bagherian, CEO, URB.


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