Omani Student Startup Converts Marble Waste Into Eco-Friendly Products | SR Material Update

Omani Student Startup Converts Marble Waste Into Eco-Friendly Products | SR Material Update

Ten-member student startup - Restoon- from the University of Technology and Applied Sciences Nizwa has recycled marble waste into sustainable building material. The team’s idea was to take advantage of harmful marble waste, which is difficult to dispose of and turn it into safe and nature-friendly white bricks and cement by extracting its chemical components. Read on SURFACES REPORTER (SR)’s this report to know more:

The team, including Amani Salim al Tobi, Abdul Rahman al Kharousi, Azza Abdulaziz al Rahbi, Sarah Abdullah al Adawi, Al Azhar al Qasimi, Reem al Omari, Maryam al Sulaymani, Ahmed al Qasabi, Ahlam Muhammad al Subhi and Al Zahraa Ibrahim al Hadrami, has worked on this innovative project of transforming harmful marble waste into something useful and safe building materials.

Cutting through environmental issues and boost to local industry

Various reports say that the accumulation of marble waste pollutes water and air, and has detrimental effects on animals, plants and human health.

According to the team, salvaging marble waste will lower the problems that cause severe damage to the environment by 25 per cent. Further, the making and spread of such projects will also give a boost to the concept of local industry.

Challenges Ahead

The company is currently working to increase product and expand in this field to reach the maximum number of beneficiaries. The idea is to create diverse products and make them easily available to customers. However, every work carries its own set of challenges. Recently, the firm is facing challenges related to financial aspects and conducting experiments in specialised laboratories.

One of the team members informs, “The company is currently working on converting the innovative product to prepare it for manufacture directly and commercially and to establish a presence in the local market. This is in addition to good marketing of the product through various means to reach the beneficiaries.”

They also mentioned that they are also seeking a patent from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion, as well as trademark registration.

Source: Oman News Agency

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