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A Serene, Monotone KA House in Ahmedabad Designed by Sönke Hoof of Studio Sangath

A family of four approached Sönke & Khushnu Hoof of Studio Sangath to design their home located in a serene neighborhood in the western outskirts...

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World’s Largest Astronomy Museum in Shanghai, Featuring No Straight Lines or Right Angles | Ennead Architects | China

Echoing the essence of the universe with its shape and geometry, the project is said to be the world’s largest museum dedicated to astronomy.

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Creative Designer Architects (CDA) Transforms 21-Year-Old Residential Building into An Elegant Wellness Centre | Gurugram

The extraordinary design of the La Midas wellness centre, primarily dealing with dermatological issues for women, takes inspiration from the fema...

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This House Harmonises Traditional Japanese Construction with Contemporary Design | C4L House

C4L House respects Japan’s cultural context and honour the skills and innovations of past generations while providing spaces that can be passed o...

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