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3D images created

Fologram Uses Paperbark Tree as an Art Medium and a Building Material | Barkitecture

Now we all know that holograms are 3D images created out of laser lights, which appear to have more depth than images formed from lenses. However...

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World Architecture Day

World Architecture Day: 25 Beautifully Designed Architectural Wonders

Architecture and design are few of the art forms which have successfully mesmerized the world and stayed firm through the test of time. Besides i...

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Plans Unveiled for the World’s First Carbon Neutral Precinct | Barangaroo South

Under the project development agreement between the New South Wales Government and developer Aqualand, plans for a $2.5 billion scheme for Centra...

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Innovative, Recycled Oyster Shell Units Combat Coastal Erosion | Erosion Mitigation Units

The innovative design ensures that the modules, designed to be covered in small pools, retain water, providing shelter for intertidal species dur...

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Ocean Sole

Ocean Sole Coverts Discarded Flip-Flops into Incredible Artwork

A social enterprise and a non-profit based in Kenya, Ocean Sole has taken up the challenge of transforming discarded flip-flop waste into whimsic...

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5 World’s Tallest Wooden Towers

5 Tallest Wooden Towers Around The World | SR Latest Article Update

Surfaces Reporter highlights the worlds 5 tallest buildings with mass-timber structures, from Australias remarkable landscapes to Norways enchant...

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Bara Bridge in Sydney

Sinuous Curves and Skeletal Structure of this Bridge Draws Inspiration from Eel

Designed to replace a decaying and inaccessible pedestrian bridge, Sam Crawford Architects created the Bara Bridge in Sydney, Australia. Spread a...

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This Tiny, Modest Glass Pavilion is a Luminescent Piece of Design | A Pavilion

Office Mi–Ji in collaboration with their client recently designed A Pavilion – a small gazebo that is created to make a big impression. Located i...

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