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Anna Garden by KiKi ARCHi

This Multi-Dimensional Guest House lays in Juxtaposition of Nature and Man | Anna Garden by KiKi ARCHi

Japanese architecture studio KiKi ARCHi completed the renovation project of Anna Garden within 15 months of its given time. Located 30 km to the ...

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Roaish Architectur

Minimalism Adorns This Tiny, Modern Apartment in Chennai | Roaish Architecture + Design

The correlation of luxury with size is a thing of the past. These two dynamics of designs that exclusively determine lifestyle with space have un...

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An Unconventional Home made from Reclaimed Bricks that Harmonizes with Trees | GjG House

The building’s curvilinear walls are meticulously constructed using repurposed bricks, minimizing waste and highlighting the inherent charm of re...

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