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This Shopping Centre Illustrates How to Sustainably Assimilate Urban Mistakes of the Past | Lyon Part-Dieu

MVRDV’s design extends and restructures the shopping centre into a mall that will open up to the streets.

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method of 3D printing

Researchers 3D Print Soil to Create Walls, Roofs Teemed with Plants

A method of 3D printing with seed-impregnated soil which can be used to create walls and roofs heaving with plants has been recently invented by ...

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Carbon Neutral Concrete

A Solution for Carbon-Neutral Concrete is Here | Seratech

Sam Draper and Barney Shanks, material researchers and PhD students at the Imperial College London, recently created a solution for carbon-neutra...

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MIT Engineers Develop Ultra-thin, Portable Solar Cells that make any Surface Photovoltaic

A group of MIT engineers reportedly developed ultralight fabric solar cells that can quickly and easily turn any surface into a power source.

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Clay Textured, Biodegradable Wall Plasters Blending Sustainability with Durability | Clime

Clime combines unfired clay and limestone with hydraulic lime, making it suitable for high-traffic domestic and commercial interiors.

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This Installation is a Wooden Tribute to Material Life Cycles and Construction Practices | Making A Stand

Comprising 127 six-meter-tall vertical wooden fins, the temporary structure had been meticulously positioned in a grid formation around the exist...

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furniture, home decor and even building facades

Bioplastic Made of Forest and Farm Waste Locks in Carbon for Centuries | Made of Air

Germany-based Made of Air has developed a bioplastic that is derived from brunt plants and forestry and farm waste that possesses multiple uses s...

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3D Printing and Material Science Cuts Construction Time in Half | Mighty Buildings

Mighty Buildings produces only 1 per cent of the waste that is generated by traditional methods, thereby having a near-zero waste production.

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