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Mitsubishi Jisho Design Crafts Teahouse Pavilion using Food-Waste-Based Materials | Veneti-An

Constructed from a variety of food waste materials, including coffee grounds and pasta, commonly found in Venice, the Veneti-An teahouse boasts 7...

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This Eclectic Bengaluru Restaurant is born from Reclaimed Materials | The Circus Canteen

These materials were carefully sorted into distinct categories, ranging from home appliances to toy cars. The result is an eclectic interior show...

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Loop Loop Creates World’s First Plant-Based Aluminium Dyeing Process

Loop Loop has developed four dyes so far, including warm purple from dyer’s alkanet flowers, mustard yellow from dyer’s rocket flowers, deep pink...

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Artful Steel Facade of this House Incorporates Nature-Inspired Design and Plant Support | Woven House

The perforated steel facade features a repeating pattern of twisting, diamond-shaped modules, inspired by rattan weavings.

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An Unconventional Home made from Reclaimed Bricks that Harmonizes with Trees | GjG House

The building’s curvilinear walls are meticulously constructed using repurposed bricks, minimizing waste and highlighting the inherent charm of re...

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Designer Transforms London Underground Waste into Art Nouveau-Styled Tiles | From the Underground

The tiles are ingeniously made from two key waste components: London clay, excavated during tunnel boring, and iron oxide-rich dust produced by t...

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SURFACES REPORTER (SR) | innovative space-saving furniture

These 10 space saving furniture pieces will amaze you | Surfaces Reporter

As homes are getting smaller, space-saving furniture seems a necessity. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) has picked 10 innovative space-saving furniture. H...

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This House Redefines Living Spaces for Modern Lifestyles | The Broken Home

Integrated Field’s residential project, named The Broken Home, aims to reimagine the lifestyles and relationship dynamics of a Thai family in the...

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