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BIG Designs the World’s Most Environmentally-Friendly Factory in a Forest for Vestre | The Plus

In conjunction with outdoor furniture maker Vestre, architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has unveiled the world’s most environmentally-fri...

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This Low-Density Building is Integration between Living Nature and Architecture | Bosconavigli

The construction of Bosconavigli has commenced as the team has finished the completion of land reclamation, excavation and perimeter piling to su...

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Copain-Copain |Université Laval Students | Canada

A Multipurpose Primary School in Canada Built Using CLT Modules and Passive Techniques by Université Laval Students

With the creative thoughts in mind, the students of Universitè Laval designed Copain, Copain?- a primary school that features passive strategies ...

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This Solar-Clad Office is Designed to Generate 1mn kWh of Clean Energy Every Year | Sun Rock

The first images of an energy complex comprising offices, a maintenance workshop, storage spaces and a public gallery have been recently unveiled...

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