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MIT Engineers Develop Ultra-thin, Portable Solar Cells that make any Surface Photovoltaic

A group of MIT engineers reportedly developed ultralight fabric solar cells that can quickly and easily turn any surface into a power source.

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Loop Loop Creates World’s First Plant-Based Aluminium Dyeing Process

Loop Loop has developed four dyes so far, including warm purple from dyer’s alkanet flowers, mustard yellow from dyer’s rocket flowers, deep pink...

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Artist Showcases the Power of Unity through Laser-Cut Metal Installation | Gathering Pavilion

Constructed using laser-cut metal, the eight curved modules are intricately stacked, symbolizing individuals coming together in harmony, akin to ...

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Wind Digester uses Stronger Wind around Skyscrapers to Produce Clean Energy

Can Wind Digester on Facades Produce Clean Energy to light up the Skyscrapers? SR Question

The spatial pressure on cities has been increasing day by day as the world continues to urbanise. Urbanization has led buildings to rise higher a...

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