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Timber and Concrete Unite to create a Dramatically Sloping Roof Café | Takahama Cafe

Named Takahama Cafe, the newly introduced structure seamlessly connects the earth and atmosphere and reflects the surrounding environment.

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This Soft, Leather-like Lampshade is 100% Sustainable | B Wise

B Wise is a series of raggedy-looking lampshades that are made from mycelium.

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Kashmiri Woodcarving Business Comes

Kashmiri Woodcarving Business Comes at a Standstill Due to Low Demand

Kashmir is one of the few places where walnut is still grown. Its walnut wood is tough and long-lasting and has a fine grain appeal. Its evenly t...

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This Timber Pavilion Amalgamates Research and Nature amid a Forest Canopy | Flora Pavilion

Titled Flora (Forest Lab for Observational Research and Analysis), the pavilion serves as a scientific facility, allowing researchers to reside a...

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This Bridge with an Elevated Garden is a Combination of Nature and Architecture | Atrium Pedestrian Bridge

Bridges are an engineering marvel. Know to enhance connectivity, bridges have evolved over the year, from wood and timber to concrete and steel. ...

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Timber Clad Shelter Demonstrates

This Timber Clad Shelter Demonstrates the Potential of Locally Sourced Materials | Invisible Studio

In collaboration with timber structure specialists Xylotek, the UK-based studio Invisible Studio has designed an organically shaped community she...

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This 10-Storey Mass-Timber Building Passes Groundbreaking Earthquake-Resistance Test | Tall Wood Project

Standing at an impressive height of 112ft (34m), Tall Wood Project skyscraper is reportedly the tallest structure ever tested on a shake table.

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Asia’s Largest Wooden Building Showcases Sustainable Design and Net-Zero Energy | Gaia

This remarkable building stands out for its extensive use of mass timber, making it one of the largest wooden structures in Asia based on timber ...

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