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Open Windows: Rising popularity among homeowners in 2020

Open Windows: Rising Popularity among Homeowners

Unlike painting, windows are in for the long run for the owner. It is crucial that one uses cost-effective, branded quality material which is dur...

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Mario Schmidt, MD, Lingel Windows Shares Insights on uPVC Doors & Windows

Mario Schmidt, MD, Lingel Windows shares insights on uPVC Doors & Windows market

Mr Mario Schmidt is the President of uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturers Association (UWDMA). He is a voracious reader and an orator who can spe...

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Design your own Furniture With these Modular Block Systems | Blokaloks

Today, many products are designed keeping in mind the lifestyle preferences of consumers. Products are evolving and with more ergonomic features....

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How Art Can Transform Design

Art is Magically Transforming Door & Window Designs

Art is known to bring peace, color, and tranquility to our lives. Moving out of the canvas, it is making us smile outdoors as well as while watch...

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Researchers Develop Squid-Skin inspired Energy-Saving Windows

The system utilizes micro-fluidics with flat sheets of plastic containing channels through which fluids can be pumped.

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drawbacks of solar panels

Student Creates Solar Panels from Crop Waste to Generate Energy without Sunlight | AuReus

One of the major drawbacks of solar panels is its ineffectiveness on a cloudy day. However, electrical engineering student Carvey Ehren Maigue ha...

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This Sustainably Stacked Vertical Campus is Boston’s First Fossil Fuel-Free Building | KPMB Architects

The 345,000 sqft vertical campus building in Boston is touted to be the first fossil fuel-free building in the city.

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This Building Demonstrates Responsible Wood Construction with Sustainable Elements| WRK Architects

Simple and elegant, the Nautical Coordination Centre in Amsterdam is a building with lots of windows and is a marvel of sustainable design and pu...

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