This Jungle Rooftop Restaurant by Loop Design Studio Will Appeal to All Your Senses | Tulum

This Jungle Rooftop Restaurant by Loop Design Studio | Tulum

Nestled in Chandigarh, this attractive jungle rooftop restaurant designed by Ar. Suvrita Bhardwaj and Ar. Nikhil Pratap Singh at Loop Design Studio is an experimental paradox in the brutalist context of the city. Drawing its inspiration from the Mexican getaway destination by the same name, Tulum is curated as a superfluous, green and vernacular oasis. Bamboo arched passage, dynamic seating area, use of organic materials such as stone, cane, mosaic and wood, and cane light fixtures are some of the striking features of this restaurant. Scroll down to read more details of the project provided to SURFACES REPORTER (SR) by the firm:


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Jungle Rooftop Restaurant

Located on the 5th storey service terrace of The Toy Hotel in Chandigarh, the rooftop restaurant offers panoramic views of the city skyline and the Shivalik hills surrounding the city. The terrace of the hotel was transformed and optimized into an open-to-sky eatery space.

Jungle Rooftop Restaurant

Entrance Sets the Right Mood

The story starts unfolding from the entrance atrium adorned by bamboo wainscotting and ethnic abstract ornamentation.

Jungle Rooftop Restaurant

Natural and Earthy Material Palette

The design reflects a natural and an earthy undertone that comes together systematically using natural stone, bamboo, terrazzo, wood, cane, plaster and greens.

Jungle Rooftop Restaurant

Attractive Cane Light Fixtures

A shower of cane light fixtures from the ceiling creates a surreal vibe as one moves closer to the restaurant.

Jungle Rooftop RestaurantThe entrance axis is a sensory and experiential bliss comprised of a water cascade and a bamboo arched passage that frames and encompasses the view.

Jungle Rooftop RestaurantThe narrow bamboo gateway opens up into a cozy and dynamic seating area.

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Jungle Rooftop Restaurant

Freestanding Cane Umbrella Structures

The dreamy set-up consists of freestanding cane umbrella structures supported on actual tree trunks that create a semi-permeable superstructure above.

Jungle Rooftop RestaurantThe envelope is an architectural and aesthetic injection to space and fulfills its function as a shading device to cut down the sun.

The restaurant has an open pizzeria and a bar on opposite corners that are created using an organic material palette of mosaic, stone, cane and wood.

Jungle Rooftop Restaurant

Cave-Like Set Up

A restaurant section is designed as a cave-like corner with undulated walls created in mud plaster.

Jungle Rooftop Restaurant

The curvilinear walls warp the rigidity and create a free-flowing volume where surfaces transform into niches and benches.

Jungle Rooftop Restaurant

The corner radiates its energy yet coming together fluidly with the rest of the space.

Tulum is an ode to nature and the vernacular to create a different eating experience for the city's people.

Project Details

Design Firm: Loop Design Studio (
Lead Architects: Ar. Suvrita Bhardwaj, Ar. Nikhil Pratap Singh
Location: Chandigarh, India
Architects: Loop Design Studio
Area: 1750 sq. meters
Year of construction: 2020
Photography: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj (
Client: Saanya Verma and Akshay Verma

More Images

Jungle Rooftop RestaurantJungle Rooftop RestaurantJungle Rooftop RestaurantJungle Rooftop Restaurant

Jungle Rooftop Restaurant

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