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Particle Boards

Particle board is made by combining waste wood material from sawmills and furniture factories. To glue and hold the wood particles together, resin is used. People use it for low cost projects like kitchen or light-weight furniture. They look attractive with natural wood veneers or laminates, depending on the choice of the consumer. However, nothing externally makes it strong or durable. If you are in plans of buying particle board applications or already possess one at home, here are a few particle board maintenance tips from SURFACES REPORTER (SR) that will make your installations look astonishing as well as make the particle board slightly durable.

Never use a particle board for exteriors

Particle boards are easily damaged from external heat or moisture, which is why they are less likely to be relevant for outdoors. While cleaning particle board applications make sure to use minimal water and rub the board with less quantity of water. Clean it immediately with a dry cloth. Always use a slightly damp cloth or dry the area immediately after cleaning the board with water as particle boards are prone to moisture.

Make sure the board is properly sealed

Always check whether the corners and sides of the particle board are sealed with moisture-proof sealant. The goal is to prevent it from absorbing water. It is critical to check the particle board thoroughly while purchasing it, and make sure no sides or corners are left uncovered. You can always reapply a sealant on the particle board if it wears off.

Avoid wearing footwear on particle boards

If you have particle board as flooring, it is best to avoid any kind of load on it. Make sure to not wear heels or heavy outdoor footwear while walking on particle board surfaces as they will completely damage the board, leaving it unable to repair. Make sure to place furniture mats under the legs of the furniture to avoid any damage to particle board flooring.

Provide extra support to the particle board cabinets

Particle boards are highly used in kitchen or bathroom cabinets. In kitchen, people tend to put heavy load on their cabinets. If you use particle board cabinets in kitchen or bathroom, ensure that you provide adequate support to the cabinets otherwise they will sag or wear down under heavy weight.

Be careful while moving particle board furniture

When moving particle board furniture, be extra cautious as they may break while pulling or pushing it from one place to another. They are not durable, hence, you must dismantle the furniture item first and then move it piece by piece.

Use nails and fasteners for particle boards

Ordinary nails used in wooden cabinets or any other solid furniture will not be compatible to be used with particle boards. Screws will damage the wood particles of the board and disintegrate it. It is best to use fasteners that are specifically manufactured for particle boards.


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