Electric Blue Shade Adds A Massive Dose of Elegance To This Bangalore Home | Kinaaya Design Studio

Electric Blue Shade Adds A Massive Dose of Elegance To This Bangalore Home | Kinaaya Design Studio

Interior designers Kanya Samay and Kanivadana of Kinaaya Design Studio strike just the right accents of electric blue in this petit urban apartment for a young couple Asmitha and Ganesh. Christened 'The Electric Blue Project', the residence is nestled in the eastern outskirts of sprightly Bangalore. The clients visualized this home to be the conduit of their creative expression, their love for fine arts and, and a contemporary take on heritage elements that seep into the ethos of the spaces. And the home is just the right mix of all these. Read this post at SURFACES REPORTER (SR) to know how the designers crafted a haven that seamlessly entwines the past with the present. 

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A home pieced together with an appetite for blues by Kinaaya Design Studio, which creates a haven for a young couple that manifested entwining the past with the present seamlessly.

“The compact blueprint accommodates optimized spatial function and a narrative that is an unabashed crossover amidst modern and eclectic sensibilities laced with Indian-rooted undertones; each layer of design is interwoven by a common denominator of a statement hue of electric blue that gracefully steps into the spotlight, defining the home’s palette,” quote the designer duo. 

Minimalistic Space With Lots of Storage-Friendly Space

Emotive of intrinsic comfort, the design brief’s directive indicates the need for sections to unwind, work remotely and host loved ones. An adept reimagination of the floor plan by the designers makes way for versatile zones that nod to the needs of amplified storage, minimalist living, and ingrained warmth which results from melding old and new objects empathetically.


“Colour became the leitmotif in the design process and meshing-in textures, prints, and monochromes in welcome doses was the way to go! Our clients anchor bold and zestful energy that we wanted to articulate into an experiential design. The printed wallpapers, embroidered upholstery, graphic wall dadoing, woven rugs and intriguing curios, each detail however small is significant,” share Kanya and Kanivadana. Light wooden tones, wickerwork, black and white, bold accents of blue and yellow, and vignettes of greenery sew the tapestry of this snug home.

The Electric Blue Foyer Wall

The primary introduction to the home is through the foyer wall swathed in an electric blue shade that is grounded by warm sprawling oak-toned flooring. Demarcated by a white console, the shutters of the same frame Nilaya khadi printed wallpaper infills to lend the piece an elevated demeanour which is crowned by a brass-framed oblong accent mirror. 


A sleek wall-mounted pooja ensemble also finds its rightful spot while tying in with the contemporary aura. A niche behind the main door tucks away additional storage space inconspicuously.

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The living Room Receives Abundant Daylight 

The expansive volume of the living area is doused in umpteen daylight and is kindled to life with an intimate persona. To appease the bibliophiles that the clients are at heart, the accent wall poses as a modish open library and a pivotal space to entertain. 


An array of open-faced storage ladders with selective niches backed by the ubiquitous wallpaper house the vast collection of books and bric-a-brac; the units are straddled together via a sleek console that runs the wall’s length.

The Richness of Heritage Elements

A 30-year-old heirloom wicker and wood sofa is the sentimental jewel in the space which has been passed on by the client’s grandparents; the piece has been refurbished and reupholstered in a printed Freedom Tree fabric to lend it a renewed lease of life, allowing it to imbue old-world charm into this neoteric space. 


The living room unfurls into a bijou balcony nook, a green oasis for the couple to enjoy a fresh brew while lounging on the spindled bench. End-to-end wall storage bathed in olive serves a utilitarian purpose while echoing the surrounding verdure.

Contrasting Yellow Hues in the Dining Area

The adjoining dining area connects with the living through a lofty rectilinear opening amidst the spaces; lined by homogenous wooden paneling, this feature carries through umber tones uninterruptedly.

KinaayaStudioThe original layout was reworked to create expansiveness, incorporating a quaint booth-style dining nook. With the seat clad in a concoction of monochromes and sunshine yellow, the colour palette here celebrates hue! 

Peppered with a black and white area rug and colourful art prints, the nook can be utilised as additional entertaining space that sits opposite the blue-hewn bar cum crockery section. 


This unit is the muse in this zone and it doubles up as a dapper bar and storage credenza simultaneously. Cane-woven shutters, brass hardware, and the pairing with white create a delectable vignette while paying homage to electric blue.

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Timeless Kitchen With Classic Harlequin Checkered Floors

Earmarked by classic harlequin checkered floors, the kitchen is immersed in timeless monochromatic interplay.

KinaayaStudioThe patterned backsplash tiles beckon traditional undertones while the matte white cabinetry lends the space a capacious identity. 

KinaayaStudioThe kitchen underwent civil changes to additionally make room for an open-plan utility and pragmatic spots for appliances.

Fusion of Black, White and Greys in the Guest Bedroom

The two private bedrooms in the home are each functional yet laden with user-centric details that allow them to become zones to rest and rejuvenate.

KinaayaStudioIn the guest bedroom, adaptability dons a newfound meaning kudos to the Pandemic. The room serves myriad functions in the form of a work from the home spot, a place to exercise and host visiting guests. 


The wardrobe wall is flanked by two workstations on either side with storage centered, creating dedicated workspaces that also soak in panoramic views of the city. 

KinaayaStudioA palette of black, white, and grey dominate here, witnessed in a chevron pattern that adorns the cabinetry and the chalkboard wall that allows the users to doodle and unleash their thoughts uninhibitedly. A pull-out bed with a modern tray nightstand and retro pedestal fan completes the room on the other end.

Blue, Whites and Warm Wicker Fill the Master-Bedroom

 A sanctuary of blues, whites, and warm wicker, the master suite embodies the end-users proclivity for the colour and artisanal details. 


A tropical blue-toned Nilaya wallpaper is the pièce de résistance, framing the resting space with panache. The white Duco-coated teakwood bed is inlaid with traditional handwoven wicker, exuding textural finesse. 


Brass sconces softly illuminate the bedsides, working vintage brio into the mix. On the other end, a tall wicker-front and white chest of drawers and an armchair create a vanity cum reading spot that builds on the rectitude of minimalism.

KinaayaStudio The omnipresent usage of wicker across the bed, nightstands, chest of drawers, and sage green armchair tie the design montage together by a common thread of materiality. A façade of fenestrations draws in generous sunlight across the threshold, illuminating the interiors abundantly as it is reflected off the mirrored wardrobe shutters, hence visually intensifying the spatial volume.

“The vision that tethered the clients and us as a design consortium was the essentiality of a curated home wherein details and the pertinence of creative expression were the beating heart of the process,” conclude the Principal Designers. 

The allure of this home is rooted in the fact that it doesn’t adhere to morphing trends, it is tailored to the desires and aspirations of the people who call it their home. The design intention is an amalgamation of some things old, some new, some borrowed and a wholesome embrace of blue!

Project Details

Project Name: The Electric Blue Project
Location: Bangalore 
Typology and Square Footage – 2-BHK Apartment, 900 Square Feet 
Interior Design Firm – Kinaaya Design Studio 
Principal Designers – Kanya Samay and Kanivadana         
Month and Year of Completion – March 2021
Text Credit – Lavanya Chopra
Photography Credit – Nayan Soni

About the Firm

Kinaaya Design Studio is run by Kani and Kanya, architects who graduated from BMS School of Architecture. After graduating, Kanya worked with Arcop associates for over 2 years, while Kani went on to work with Raineo Associates and DS+A, Bangalore, giving them experience in a variety of Residential, Institutional and Commercial projects. With a resolve to create a design that seamlessly blends context and purpose, Kani and Kanya collaborated to form Kinaaya studio.

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