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adjaye assoicates upside down skyscrapper

Several towers have left us awestruck with their unique conceptualization and design. Some of these design concepts turned into a reality while others are far from being into actual buildings. Recently, David Adjaye's design team revealed their ambitious plan to construct a staggering upside-down skyscraper in a 1.2-acre vacant plot of land at 418 11th Avenue in Manhattan. The building will have external proportions growing from base to top. If realized, the project will be the tallest tower by the firm to date and will be the second-largest in Manhattan after One World Trade Center. Check out the first few images of the project below at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):


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adjaye assoicates upside down skyscrapperThe proposed high-rise, dubbed ‘Affirmation Tower', will be built of stepped cantilevered blocks. Once built, the project will be one of the tallest buildings in the northern hemisphere with a noticeable inverted design. 

The project will be built on the vacant site, named Site K. Local developer Peebles Corporation has submitted the super tall to the Empire State Development Corporation in a bid to build the tower. 

Dramatic and Untraditional Appearance

It comprises a series of blocky parts stacked on top of each other forming a kind of tiered structure that seems to enlarge in breadth as it goes up to upper floors.

adjaye assoicates upside down skyscrapper Its height would be around 1,663-feet-tall (498-metre), which is very close to the 546 m of the One World Trade Center. The cantilever outwards five times so the top levels are much bigger than the lower levels. This would also give an unusual, untraditional, and dramatic appeal to the project.

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What does it Comprise?

The project contains an office area and two hotels along with an observation deck and an ice skating sink. The tower might house the headquarters of the NAACP's Mid-Manhattan branch in it.

adjaye assoicates upside down skyscrapper

Ghanaian-British architect David Adjaye established his firm Adjaye Associates in 2000. Once finished, the high-rise building would be the second New York tower conceived by Associates following 130 William. 


adjaye assoicates upside down skyscrapperThere is no doubt that the tower once built will be one of the major attractions of the city that visitors could enjoy watching. 

Project Details

Project Name: Affirmation Tour
Location: Manhattan, New York
Architecture Firm: Adjaye Associates
Principal Architect: David Adjaye
Status: Proposal
Photo Courtesy: Peebles Corporation 

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