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Carpet Runners or Rugs

You want your floors to be appealing but at the same time one shouldn’t slip and fall. But is that possible? Of course, it is. SURFACES REPORTER suggests a few methods below that you can try out whichever one you feel like.

Using Carpet Runners or Rugs

A very simple manner of making floors non-slippery, especially the ones with tiles, is by placing an area rug or a carpet runner on the floor. Since this method requires very little effort on your part, it is number one on this list.

This method is even better forthe spots near a sink, or in entryway and hallways. You can also place them at the bottom of your staircase or in large open rooms. You can also use rugs and carpets that exhibit an exquisite design.

The small ones aren’t that expensive. You can clean them easilyand also find them in any imaginable style. Just browse through any ecommerce site and you will be spoilt for choice, even within your budget.

Using the Foam Flooring Technique

Foam flooring is an excellent solution for your floors that come with a utilitarian purpose. That means you can employ this technique in home gyms, mudrooms, playrooms, or workshops to name a few. This technique is easy and relatively inexpensive.

You will be done with the installation under an hour.You just have to lay out the pieces on the floor and fit them the same way as a puzzle.This method provides durability and resistance to moisture. It is also very easy to clean; with the help of a cloth and some soap water.

Most importantly, it adds to your floor that non-slip traction.You can get this flooring technique in more than one colour, pattern, and size.People mostlyprefer these three sizes, 12×12 inches, 18×18 inches, or 24×24 inches. The level of thickness also varies from a half-inch to two inches.

One such brand of foam flooring, is BalanceFrom that is available in gray, black, and blue. In terms of thicknesses, it ranges from half-inch to three-quarters of an inch to one inch. Just spend some more money, and you will find a foam flooring design that suits your interiors perfectly. This includes wood and other colours and some other fun designs.

Using Anti-Slip Adhesive Treads

Adhesive treads are very common and provide a proper solution to slippery floors. They are most suited for the small surface areas as well as the stairs.As suggested by its name, these treads provide anti-slip traction on the floor which is almost like tape on your skateboard.

You can purchase them in more than one shade including transparent and black to name a couple. They also come in more than one length and width.These are the steps to install the adhesive treads:

  • Clean your floor thoroughly especially in the spots where you want to apply.
  • Ensure that the floor dries up completely.
  • From the back of the strip, remove the film.
  • Press the strip firmly on the floor so that it sticks.
  • If required, you will have to cut the treads especially, if the tiles are small.

Before putting the anti-slip treads on the floor, you need to test them in an area that is usually not noticed much by others. This is important as it helps you ensure that the treads are adhering properly and don’t damage your floors in the process that are permanent. When you do it right, anti-sliptreads are very simple and effective and add alot of traction to your floors. Also, they don’t cover the floor completely thereby changing the way your room looks.

Installing a Floating Floor

You can also reduce slippage by installing a floating wood floor on your existing floors. This is mostly for those who aren’t very particular about thespecific “look” of the floor.It is your choice whether or not you want to buy real wood flooring or laminate, given what’s your budget and preferences.

This process however maybe a little more labour intensive, than the ones that have been discussed so far. It requires you to plan prior to execution. At the same time, many homeowners consider it to be the most pleasing choice in terms of aesthetically.

While installing the floating floors, your floors have to be completely smooth and without any damage.  If they are not, the flooring might shift or move out of its position with the passing of time. Also, ensure that you leave plenty of clearance for the doors.

Installing a Non-Slip Tile

If you want a tile flooring but also want it to be non-slippery, you can use a non-slip tile.Installing that is also extremely labour-intensive option. At the same time, it’s the only method that can retain the appearance of the tile and the way it feelsalong with very little slippage.

Some tiles like stone have an innate non-slip feature because of its textured surface.When installing a non-slip tile, you might have to redo the flooring completely. It is therefore recommended that this method be applied for houses that are being newly constructed.


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