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Nowadays, mostly every other house does not have an entryway or foyer area. People give less attention to the entryway and leave it to be a passage way. With modern trends and ideas, interior designers and architects give some importance to the entryway and decorate this area with different kinds of hanging, painting, colors and rugs, depending on the theme of the house and requirement of their customers. Surfaces Reporter(SR) has picked these 15 entryway/foyer area ideas that will give an enhanced look to the interior of the house all together. Try them and make your house one of a kind. 

Hang a mirror 

Mirrors are a great way to make small spaces look big and bring more light into both small and big spaces. You can hang a big mirror on the wall or try a floor to wall standing mirror. Different material like brass, metal coated around mirror will also give a niche look to the whole interior.  

Key holders and coat hangers 

Entryway is a place where you hang your keys and coats when you get back home. Hanging key and coat holders are also one of the useful things you can try within this space.  

Rug items 

Suppose you have a nice sitting area, chair, shoe rack and every other required item in your foyer area but it still lacks something. You can try giving your entryway a more traditional yet aesthetic look by hanging a rug item on the wall. It will fill the required gaps of this area and make it look more pleasing to the guests as well.  

Shoe rack 

A shoe rack in the entryway is a must. It is where you can keep all your dirty shoes when you come from outside and wear them again when you go out somewhere. This way, your house remains clean of any outside dirt as well.  

Tile the area 

Tiling the entryway will bring in the aesthetics you have within you. It will make the area look brighter with the kind of bright colours chosen for the walls. You can try with half tiling your walls or full tiling, depending on your needs.  

Keep planters 

If you have a corner space in your entryway, you can use it by putting a big plant or a rack of multiple planters. They will bring in more green and a more natural vibe to the whole surroundings. Your home will seem fresher with the installation of plants in this area.  

A table with drawers 

If you require a space to keep your extra stuff that you carry when you go out, installing a mini table with drawers is the way to go. You can use this table to keep accessories or scriptures and give a niche décor to your foyer area.  

Make it boho 

Using neutral colors with hung hats on wall, a more of countryside look in the entryway with a fur chair, well, this is what your entryway needs to look boho. Try it out and make your entryway one of a kind.  

Romance is all you need 

You can give it a more romantic vibe by installing a hand-crafted wooden table with wooden border mirror kept on it and some plants around. Go with more neutral colours and two stools and the cosy vibe is all yours.  

Hang scenery or art work 

Sceneries and art works are a legit trend these days for interior spaces. You can hang your family photos or symmetrical shape art or geometrical art or anything you feel connected with on the walls of the foyer area. The theme of your house will also be made accordingly.  

Make it color centric 

Entryway needs a specific color to decide the whole theme of the house. If you go with dark colors, your house will reflect a bolder look. Neutral colors will bring in more light and calmness into the space. You can also try with a statement wall or a wallpaper statement wall that matches well with the whole interior.  

For storage, try shelves 

Some spaces within your foyer area might require shelves to keep the accessories. Try wooden shelves or glass shelves in this area to keep accessories like hats, sculptures, or even footwear that you wear very less.  

Add carpet 

A carpet sure gives a royal look to any space when installed. Try a fur carpet in this area to give it a boho yet clean look or a traditional carpet to give your home a more royal vibe. It works well both ways and keep the dust outside too.  

Linear art on walls works great 

Wall painting is a good way to enhance the look of the entryway. You can try with painting flowers, plants or even linear faces on the wall to give the passage a different look.  

Geometrical shape lights in colourful rods 

Lights and innovation are a new way to make your interiors look bright and warm. Geometrical lights in black, brass, copper color rods are a trendy way to enhance any space. Try golden bulbs with brass or copper rods and white bulbs with black rods.  


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