Best Tips to Renovate Your House Exteriors

Renovate Your House Exteriors

The exteriors of the house showcase the whole theme and look of what really the estate wants to speak about. It shows the nature and theme of what the whole building is about and the aesthetics of the owner too. Façade is one of the best proven solutions for all kinds of exterior décor needs today but apart from that, there are still many variants that accumulate the rating of the house as a whole. Surfaces Reporter(SR) has mentioned some best tips using which you can renovate your house exteriors and increase the worth and look of the property altogether.


1. A covered entrance: The entry door of a house must always be covered. If there’s a rainstorm or a snowfall, it shelter above the door will protect the outside material from gathering in front of the door. Apart from that, it is a more welcoming way to entertain guests within the home.

2. Repaint when necessary: Paint tends to fade with time. Make sure to always keep the exterior paint fresh. The better the quality of paint, the more pleasing the house looks from the outside. It also increases the overall value of the house. Use contemporary and modern color that are bright and the shades that refracts rays from entering the house.

3. Accent colored walls: Try monochrome look on the exterior walls or use darker color on accent walls. Try highlighting areas like front door, shutters, trim and use bold colors for these areas as a highlighter. Make the exteriors eye catchy with colors.

4. Change the roof: Try upgrading your roof when it gets old or when you feel it is not working out for you. Switch to architectural shingles that reflect the UV rays and keeps the home cool while also look aesthetically pleasing. You can also try metal roofs in light colors that help keeping the house fresh and cool.

5. Change the window design: By upgrading the shape of your windows, you can literally upgrade the worth of the estate. Small windows do not bring in optimum light and block the view of the house. Its time you switch to big, bay windows or picture window. It’ll look much more pleasing and you’ll get a much better view of the landscape as well.

6.  Add a mini garden: If you have optimum space in front of your house, you can add a mini garden with real or artificial grass, depending on how you can care for the garden. Try adding shrubs and match the overall house exteriors with the feel of the garden.

7. Renovate the driveway: High traffic areas or areas exposed to sunlight and water the whole day may break or fade with time. Drive way is the area that needs renovation and proper look out from time to time. Upgrade this area by using pavers that last for a longer time and enhance the overall look of the house.

8. A play of lights: Lights play a very important role both inside and outside of a house. Try using wall mounted lights around the doors, ceiling lights or wall lights that can guide through a pathway during night. Match the lights very well with the color and look of the house and upgrade its worth as a whole.

9. Fence your house: For homes with pets and kids, fencing the house from the front or back is necessary. Kids get their play area and pets get their area to run around. Fencing also helps you define the overall nature of the house and you can go ahead with wooden or vinyl fence that can last for years.

10. Accent wall materials: There’s no one way to upgrade the exteriors walls of the house. You can go ahead with multiple wall décor options like decorative trim, panels, shingles, corrugated metal or board and batten siding. All these would look truly amazing when matched well with the overall look of the house. You can use different wall design options on multiple walls and create and accent wall on each side of the house. The outcomes are endless.


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