AFC Furniture Solutions Acquires Furniture Brands of Wipro Enterprise to Expand its Operations

One of India’s largest workplace furniture manufacturing solution companies, AFC Furniture Solutions recently acquired Xbench, Vibrant and Livo designed and owned by the furniture business of Wipro Enterprises to further expand the brand’s operations across India. Sharing his view on the acquisition, Manoj Tomar, Founder and MD, AFC Furniture Solutions comments, “We have come a long way from where we started, and it’s just the beginning of the marathon; there is a long path to be covered for us to emerge as pioneers in providing the best value and solutions. Immensely thankful for this wonderful journey, we are set for the surprises and challenges the path ahead has in store for us.” Know more about AFC and its acquired deal on SURFACES REPORTER (SR).

Known to be a sustainable brand that follows the required regulatory compliance, AFC has always worked around innovative designs with the help of its expertise in green and sustainable manufacturing practices. The brand has a long history of providing the best possible delivery timelines in response to the great recession when companies had just learned about modular mobile furniture. Additionally, AFC had wholly adopted the Make in India model even before the concept had been nationalized.

Manoj Tomar, Founder and MD, AFC Furniture Solutions

Starting its operation in 2008, AFC has established many milestones on its way through multiple initiatives. AFC has been way ahead of its time. Back when the concept of green manufacturing and sustainability had just been introduced, AFC was a step ahead as it had already set up its manufacturing unit in Noida with a pan-India service capability and regulatory certifications and compliances for green manufacturing in 2010. By importing new machinery from Germany and Italy, AFC launched its new manufacturing setup with a 2.5 lakh sqft area in 2019.

Bagging the prestigious glory of a well-established and one of the leading largest organistaions by scale in North India with in-house quality testing labs, AFC recorded an enormous scale to manufacture upwards of 15,000 workstations and 8,000 seating solutions in a month on average. With the help of its in-house R&D team and over 400 employees, the brand has been able to deliver new designs and products including workstations, storage, tables and seating solutions.

Other than catering to state-of-the-art furniture solutions, AFC has been active socially through its CSR initiatives as well. The brand has been providing an end number of employment opportunities, educational grants to the people living in the vicinity of the operations and participating in environment-centric activities. Even during the pandemic, AFC was at the forefront in working for the frontliners across industries and sectors, where its workforce worked round-the-clock during COVID-19. With the challenge of work-from-home (WFH) during the tough times, AFC dared to come up with ergonomic WFH solutions by making sure the cost of the final product is affordable to all. The brand overcame this hurdle when it successfully delivered an order from an IT giant who demanded over 30,000 WFH combos comprising workstations and chairs, in record time with negligible spillage.

That being said, the intent of AFC has always been to provide the best delivery timelines with regard to its growth expansion and ever-evolving customer expectation; and acquiring the aforementioned brands of Wipro Enterprises looks like a step ahead in the right direction.

Image credits: AFC Furniture Solutions


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