Colourful Mosaics Adorn This Vadodara Home | Manoj Patel Design Studio

Colorful Mosaics Adorn This Vadodara Home | Manoj Patel Design Studio

Colors express celebrations of life. Located in a semi-urban area of Vadodara, this plot space of 1600 square-feet-space designed by Manoj Patel of eponymous MPDS- has two sides open with one side adjoining to the neighbourhood. Using simpler geometric forms, robust massing has evolved into subtle, striking surfaces with detailed patterns and textures. Interiors of the dwelling feature use of light coral pink walls and a complimenting shade of yellow inspired by concept of surprising color graphics. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) receives more details about the project from the architect. Take a look:


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colourful-mosaics-houseVariations in the approach of planning emerged an open plan space, where the clients can enjoy the drama created through the high ceiling. The home is oriented as per daily functions with a variety of double height living, dining attached with garden, kitchen and master bedroom for elderly parents on the ground. While for upper level, two master bedrooms open into terrace gardens. Large openings carry in bright light and function as wind catchers. 

Crisscrossing Clay Tile Facade

This two-story structure has an entrance from the west side of the plot. The facade has been set against the rustic tones of vernacular material. Clay roof tiles have been crafted into possibilities of criss-cross angles which interlock the pattern on intersecting. The continuous variations attained in shadows of prime façade material at time intervals, convey the study of sun rays. 

colourful-mosaics-houseThe large surface area is draped in organic forms and contemporary style designs, bringing the experience of earth canvas on perpendicular surfaces. Adding to the beauty, even the details for recessed corner junctions are interweaved minutely from the same material carvings. Joineries focus on the play of undulating forms with one another. The façade is designed, to decline heat radiations for a double-height living room and one of the master bedrooms on the upper floors. 

Timeless explorations of this ancient Indian material fascinate several visitors. 

Carpets Taking An Art Form

Floor mats are a symbol of welcoming. The idea of channeling carpets into an art form emerged, through carved grooves and lines on tiles, which adorn the floor. To have a see-through screen that assures safety, the entry door has slits running around in sizes intact with small metal bars. 

While entering, a perception to simulate a much larger space, the living, dining, and kitchen are without barriers, articulated only by the furniture layouts. The foyer sets a backdrop of uncommon storage with seating, where the light coral color on accent walls pops out from the white mass. 

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Minimalistic Living Room                                      

Letting the clients, indulge in elevated ceilings, the backdrop frame for T.V wall composition artistically elongates until the top, which adjoins the staircase. At the other end, is a floating T.V. unit made out of wood. Our idea was to utilize minimum materials and not accessorize with dense combinations of colors or materials.

Traditional pattern grooves on wooden joinery uplifts the bold step. Balancing the vibrancy, certain walls deliberately retain in white. The living room has grey upholstery and modular furnishings, adding to moments of color are a custom – made furniture series of seating stool from clay roof tiles against the sofa. The floor if fitted in fusion of white matt and glossy terazzo tiles, defining the seamless palette. 

Towering Staircase- focal Point

Capturing one’s vision is the evident towering staircase that overlooks the living room from any flight of steps, considering the safety. An interactive insertion that enables one to have effortless communication. Taking the opportunity, railing turns into a sculpturesque design element withstanding alone with use of circular metal pipes.

To camouflage the supporting railings, thin circular diameter pipes dyed in the same hue of coral shade. Staircase design element turns as light well feature for the entire ground floor plate. The accessible space under the stairs connecting around turns out to be a small indoor play area for the kids of the house. Users can experience a cozy me time space. 

Bohemian Touch in The Dining Area

The dining table top is furnished with gloss effect coral toned counter complimented by suspended lights. The dining area sets an outdoor environment linking into the open garden area. An experiment with clay roof tiles as planter voids, depict alternating patterns popping out into 3D wall.

Natural material property allows the plantations to blossom completely. In the kitchen, the paneling above the counter tops, fascinates the uncommonly use of bohemian patterned tiles. A section of tiles has been overturned to form new pattern module from the actual pattern. 

Earthy Tones in Master bedrooms

For the master bedroom on the upper floors, an earthy story is being weaved in the interiors. Giving the head boards a touch of art, clay roof tile has been embroidered into wooden panellings fused with wooden flutings. Both the crafts meditate balance between modernism and traditional, by giving a way to new alternates. Adjacent large openings bring in light for breezy interiors. 

The kid’s room on the same floor, generates curiosity at once to know what material has been used to create head of the bed. Series of combinations from colored tiles, were cut into desired angular forms, arranging into varied orientations to create one continuous flow of pattern. Boldness of the pattern, gets highlighted due to the crisp grooves laid in detail.

Project Details

Architecture Firm: Manoj Patel Design Studio
Site Area: 1600 square feet 
Built up: 2800 square feet 
Project Type: Private House
Location of the Project: Vadodara; Gujarat, India.
Other Credits:
Design Team: Ar. Manoj Patel, Aishwarya Gupte, Purna, Darshan, Shuchita
Photographs: Darshan Dave

About the Architect

Nestled in Vadodara, Gujarat, Architect Manoj Patel is a degree holder in architecture, graduated from D.C Patel School of Architecture ( A.P.I.E.D ), Vallabh- Vidhyanagar, Gujarat, in 2012. He also pursued post-graduation in Climate Change and Sustainable Development in 2014 from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. He has always been keen on climate responsive architecture, which and where has always reflected in his academic portfolio.

Later, in 2015, he established his own firm ‘MANOJ PATEL DESIGN STUDIO’ which majorly focuses on sustainable building designs and restyling of the space with contemporary elucidation for design through the exploration of waste and recyclable materials in the built form which turns out to be a visual glee for citizens at large.

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