Student Constructs First Carbon-Negative Restroom In India Without Soil, Sand, Or Water | Amritsar

Student Constructs First Carbon-Negative Restroom In India Without Soil, Sand, Or Water | Amritsar

Class 12 student Ruhani Verma from Jaipur’s Jayshree Periwal International School claims that she has constructed India’s first carbon-negative public restroom at the Sri Guru Ram Das Jee Airport in Amritsar without using soil, sand, or water. According to her, she has used 100 percent recycled or recyclable materials to create the structure. Read SURFACES REPORTER (SR)’s complete report below:

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Ruhani shares that her main focus was sustainability. She wanted to use only nature-friendly bricks to build her first project in India. Very little almost 30% of the brick used to create the restroom is composed of single-use plastic, while the remaining 70 percent structure is created using silica dust and garbage. MP Gurjeet Aujla and airport director V K Seth opened this carbon-negative ‘Toilet 01’, also called Swachh-Alyaa on Saturday. 

Use of 100 Percent Recyclable Materials 

The student claims that she has not used silica, soil, or water in the making of the Silica Plastic Blocks (SPB). Instead, she used waste recyclable materials in the construction. Further, she has also not used cement mortar in the fabrication of the toilet. 

‘Waste generation, particularly the single-use plastic that is strewn throughout our countryside, is a serious problem not just in India but around the world. This issue has simply become worse and worse every year. This toilet would be able to solve the issue, she said.

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LEGO-Like Brick Blocks

She found that the sturdiness of an SPB brick is three times more than typical red clay brick. She created the entire toilet structure in a modular style.

Talking about the construction process, Ruhani says, “these (approx. four lakh) plastic bags can strength 150 kilometers if they are lined up.” She used the concept of interlocking bricks to create the structure without any use of cement or water. The interlocking of bricks is done in the same way as Lego blocks.

Currently, the student is studying sustainable architecture and aims to develop more models to support the environment. “Since the parking area at Amritsar Airport needed restrooms, I reasoned that it would be the perfect location for this sustainable toilet project. I had assistance in making it happen from Ayush Periwal, the director of my school, and Shridhar Rao, a co-founder of SPB technology. I was also inspired to design this toilet by airport director V K Seth-ji,’ she concludes.

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