Construction Wood Waste Turned Into Stacked Tables | Weonrhee | Primitive Structures

Construction Wood Waste Turned Into Stacked Tables | Weonrhee | Primitive Structures

Inspired by Korea’s stunning architectural features and stunning landscape, 'Primitive Structures' BY Seoul-based designer Weonrhee presents a collection of versatile furniture crafted from waste wood. The striking point of these tables is that the designer used a PSL beam — an engineering wood found in construction frames — for the bases and tops. Read more about the product below on SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

Designers and creators are drawn to wood because of its unique aesthetics and sustainable nature, even though there is an environmental cost that comes with it. Rapid rates of consumption have put a strain on tree growth, while the wood found in construction sites is often not reusable. Luckily, these tables have taken inspiration from buildings made of stone and concrete to give new life to discarded wooden beams.

PSL wood is actually an engineering wood that has the concept of down-cycling. It's used for stairways and walls in the interior, as well as frames for wooden architecture. Several species of Douglas fir, pine, and western hemlock are commonly used in PSL beam production, as well as waste materials from plywood and LVL production.

Resembling Traditional Korean Pagoda

Each table is composed of four modules stacked to create a pagoda shape with two core pieces arranged to resemble projecting eaves. The raw contours of the legs and tops lend the table a decidedly primitive quality.

Instead of disguising the unique grain of PSL wood, they are in full views, like leaf veins or tiger stripes. This creates a very stony look and when placed with a slab sitting atop tall stones, mimics prehistoric Korean dolmen or megalithic tombs. When stacked, the trio gives an almost miniature look of a traditional Korean pagoda.

Flaws Turned Into Beautiful Features

This table design uses the flaws such as the rough texture and raw appearance of the wood and turns them into strengths and unique features. Each part of the table is made of uneven polygonal shapes of used construction wood. PSL wood that has been discarded often comes with holes made during construction, so they are filled with recycled wood chips for structural safety as well as visual completeness.

Weonrhee proposed a recycling scheme to reuse the waste generated by the country's interior design industry, utilizing used and discarded wood to create valuable designs. To produce the prototype, excess wood chips from product processing were used to fill in gaps on the surface of the PSL material and give it a new life as a functional and decorative object in a wooden furniture workshop.

Their primitive and stone-like forms inspire confidence in their use while also providing some peace of mind in knowing that these beautiful pieces of furniture were crafted to help heal the planet.


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