SR Pays Humble Tribute To The Visionary Architect Ramesh Edwankar

SR Pays Humble Tribute To The Visionary Architect Ramesh Edwankar

Ar Ramesh Edwankar, a respected architect and visionary, recently passed away at the age of 79. His illustrious career as an acclaimed architect and visionary was truly exceptional. Over the years, he crafted opulent luxury residences, offices, and various other structures, all characterized by their elegance, innovation, and practicality. 

His meticulous focus on detail and unwavering dedication to creating enduring projects have earned him admiration from both colleagues and aspiring architects alike. 

Abhay Bhosale, Pune

His Journey as an architect

For Architect Ramesh Edwankar, design was not merely a profession, but a profound expression of artistry and legacy. Design, for him, was a legacy deeply ingrained, nurtured by a childhood steeped in creativity. Unlike many who discover their calling later in life, Edwankar embraced design from the outset, displaying a natural affinity akin to a bird finding its wings in the boundless sky of creativity. His portfolio spanned a spectrum of projects, from opulent interiors to diverse spaces like hospitals, hotels, and art galleries, all tailored for discerning clientele.

Kamal Kapadia Residence, Pune

Edwankar attributed his mastery to two pivotal influences: the legacy of his family, with his father a highly esteemed contractor, and the guidance of architect V.S. Gore. This unique convergence of heritage and mentorship shaped the foundation of his eponymous practice. The firm, since its inception, adhered to a systematic approach. 

Edwankar emphasised strict discipline, ensuring each stage was rigorously evaluated before progressing to the next. “I am not satisfied with a single checklist; Even our every checklist has its own set of checklists”, he said, which mirrored his dedication to precision and perfection.

An Attentive Listener

Central to Edwankar's practice was a deep understanding of the client. He regarded himself as being an attentive listener, delving beyond mere form and function to grasp the essence of each individual - their preferences, personality, and business acumen. 

He recognised that spaces held profound psychological and emotional sway over occupants, influencing everything from mood to productivity. This conscientious approach extended beyond the client to encompass all stakeholders, recognising the collective impact on the space.

ABIL House, Pune

Edwankar's work endured as a reflection of his extensive research and attention to detail, leaving an indelible mark long after completion. His pride projects include the ABIL House and the Palatial House. ABIL House in Pune is where a pursuit of perfection led him to seek inspiration abroad. 

The result was not only a prominent city landmark but a demonstration of impeccable service. The Palatial House in Pune too stood as another noteworthy project, a venture of grandeur and aristocracy demanding extensive research and flawless execution.

Innovation was a cornerstone of Edwankar's practice, exemplified by the chopper parking in the Palatial House. These multi-functional spaces showcased his expertise and commitment to continual learning and evolution. Recognition flowed in various forms to Edwankar, from a commendation by former President Pratibha Patil for the Mumbai Educational Trust, to the endorsement of Pritzker laureate Dr. B.V. Doshi, and the affection of his contractors.

On May 31, 2023, the world bid farewell to this visionary architect, Ramesh Edwankar. Though, his legacy lives on in the spaces he designed and the lives he touched through his artistry.


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