Chinese Studio RooMoo Revamped The Interiors of Laizhou Bar with 6,000 Recycled Whiskey Barrels

Chinese interiors studio RooMoo has undertaken a remarkable eco-conscious project, repurposing nearly 6,000 oak pieces from discarded distillery barrels to fashion the captivating interiors of Laizhou Bar in Shanghais vibrant Xuhui District.

Chinese interiors studio RooMoo has undertaken a remarkable eco-conscious project, repurposing nearly 6,000 oak pieces from discarded distillery barrels to fashion the captivating interiors of Laizhou Bar in Shanghai's vibrant Xuhui District. This innovative venture is an extension of Laizhou Distillery, a Chinese whiskey producer nestled in Sichuan province, known for its commitment to reducing environmental impact through advanced processes. Read more about this interesting project on SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

A Barrel-Adorned Facade

RooMoo mirrored Laizhou Distillery's environmental ethos by integrating 6,000 wooden pieces from the distillery's discarded oak barrels into the bar's design.

The materials used in the distillery's production process found a second life as decorative elements, fostering a unique symbiotic relationship between the two spaces. The varying width, length, and grain of each dismantled barrel piece contributed to a diverse and visually compelling aesthetic.

Lattice-like facade and Artistic Interiors

The barrel pieces first grace the bar's exterior, forming a horizontal lattice that adds a distinctive touch. Beyond the wide-set door and expansive window adorned with distillery-logoed barrels, guests step into an interior featuring a green marble tasting counter suspended beneath a dramatic double-ringed sculpture crafted from barrel offcuts.

Inside the main bar area, a curving slatted partition constructed from barrel offcuts offers a sense of intimacy. Black leather furnishings complement a long seating banquette, creating an inviting atmosphere. A substantial light-up wall showcases liquor bottles, adding a touch of opulence to the space.

Ongoing Artistry: Waiting for Wasted Materials

The ceiling boasts the beginnings of another ringed sculpture, poised for completion as soon as the distillery provides additional barrel offcuts.

RooMoo deliberately embraces a patient approach, allowing the creative process to align with the production cycle and the availability of wasted materials.

VIP Tasting Room and Distinctive Lighting

A discreet VIP tasting room features a bespoke light fixture crafted from the circular metal bands that once bound the distillery barrels together.

This private space exudes an air of exclusivity and sustainability, further elevating the overall ambience.

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