Czech Republic Architect Chybik + Kristof Unveils Striking Red-Concrete Mixed-Use Tower in Tirana | Albania

Czech Republic Architect Chybik + Kristof Unveils Striking Red-Concrete Mixed-Use Tower in Tirana | Albania

Chybik + Kristof, a famous group of architects from the Czech Republic, are making something amazing in Tirana, Albania. They're designing a special building that's not just for living but also for shops and offices. This building will be 83 meters tall and will stand in the Culture Hub area on the New Boulevard in Tirana. Read more about this project on SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

What's So Special About This Tower?

The tower is different from other buildings because it looks like it's stepping down as it goes up. The best part is it will be covered in bright red concrete, making it stand out and look awesome!

A Tower with Green Gardens!

This amazing building will have beautiful green gardens on different floors. So, people living there can have their own nature spots.

Shaded Balconies for Everyone!

Each apartment will have a balcony with a shade on top. These balconies are made with a light metal called aluminum.

They let sunlight in and also stop the apartments from getting too hot.

Where Is This Tower Going to Be?

The tower will be in a special area called the Culture Hub. This area is part of Tirana's big plan for the future. There will be other amazing things around, like a music theater, a big theater outside, an art gallery, and a cultural center.

Why Is This Project So Important?

Even though it's going to be on private land, the city of Tirana is working together with the architects. They had a big competition, and Chybik + Kristof's design won! The city's planning director, Frida Pashako, really likes the design because it's creative and fits in perfectly with the city.

Chybik + Kristof are really good at what they do. They won against many other architects, showing that they can make buildings that are different and exciting. This tower will be like a new symbol for Tirana.

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